About Eternity

We are here to provide herbs to those in need!

Eternity in a Box is located in St. Louis, Missouri

We are a Spiritual/Shamanic Nostalgia Collectible company which holds these plants with the respect they deserve.  *All packages sent with utmost loving intentions.*

We do not sell our herbs for consumption purposes, we sell Collectibles to help you to connect with indigenous cultures from around the world. There is no better way to understand and to get to know a foreign or ancient culture than by being near what they hold as sacred.

The plants that we carry were held as sacred by traditional cultures around the world…Each specimen is a connection to a portion of the picture of what Human Spirituality is.

By being near these plants and asking them to help guide you, much transformation can occur in your life.

These plants have been revered as sacred for thousands of years. And at Eternity in a Box, we continue to hold them as sacred to this day.

We hope to help our customers to connect with and betterunderstand these ancient practices which are at mankind’s roots. By collecting these plant specimen and meditating beside them we hope that you may find contentment and that the path of your purpose may be made illuminate.

People deserve to have these teacher plants around them to connect with. We are passionate in our quest to overcome cultural bias against these herbs and to serve as a legitimate vendor of pure intentions.

Shamanism and tribal mysticism is shrouded in mystery and often quite misrepresented in modern reference. We hope that through our writings we can clear this confusion as well!

We are writing poems, as well as longer blog entries addressing the topics of meditation, ritual, trance, energy-work and other commonly misunderstood practices. The goal of these writings is to help others to see the Living application of these mystic concepts and practices. Hopefully these explanations can help to promote more tolerance, acceptance and true understanding of the mystical arts.

Knowledge brings us closer to the center of one….And at this center we are no different. One Absolute Is-ness Being. 🙂


Our Mission Statement

We are here to provide harmonious energy for the world, through whatever means accessible. The plants are the teachers, and being the holders of such sacred power and potential gives rise to necessity for energetic purity and aptitude towards goodness. Being the keeper of the ancient light held within these sacred tools, I am obliged to maintain harmony and alignment with the great poles of reality.

I listen to the plants, I listen to the great heavens whispering through the wind, I hear the earth in the elation of the sunsets embrace…and what I know to be right for myself is what I do. By no means am I perfect, but now, holding these plants, my duty surpasses my own decision. I act to promote higher harmony and to achieve healing potential in tomorrows form.

When choosing Eternity in a Box you can be confident that your plants have come from a field of loving energy, they have been respected and honored for the greatness they are.

Large change happens from the seed of one small movement.
We dance in the puddles of reality splashing with as much playful innocense as possible. Then we sit in solem silence to hear the voids eternal echoe. Yin and Yang…balance to achieve intentions of harmonious manifestation.

Tomorrow starts today.
We do vow to allow only the most positive and harmonious of energies to be a part of this company. 🙂

-Written by Eternity Zach

The Eternity Team

As a collective, our team is comprised of but a small few individuals who share the same goal; to bring about harmonious change in the world. We seek to help our fellow humans to transcend obstacles, we seek to honor the earth and sacred spirit, and we seek to breathe life and love into the ‘spiritually stagnant’ culture of our modern world.

Eternity Shaina

Eternity Shaina

I consider myself the mother of Eternity in a Box as I nurtured it to it’s potential today. I met Zach when he was three month’s into selling woodrose seeds on eBay. That is where we started. It was but a small seed sprouting. We almost thought we done for when 3rd party websites like eBay, paypal, eCrater, etc. would not let us sell with them. I decided it was time to become more independent. I created our website and performed the necessary tedious work to ‘legitimize’ our company legally and I provided wonderful and organized feminine energy to balance Zach’s chaotic eccentricity. I also do our photography, event planning, secretarial overseeing and helps to envision the next phase of our companies evolution. www.EternityShaina.com



WilliAM of Eternity

WilliAM, though the newest member of our team, has quickly climbed into being a fundamental aspect to the structure of the company, both in work-devotion as well as passion for the cause of bringing plants to those in need. WilliAM works hard daily to get people the plants they need, manages shipping/receiving and envisioning Eternity’s evolution. He has a drive to provide the necessary organizational push to manage finances and business decision-making, and the combination of these ambitions is what has led to his quick-ascent to integral involvement.

Zach of Eternity

Eternity Zach

The plant teachers told me to provide plants to the world, while honoring and revering the blessings which are their essences, and so Eternity was born! Helping the world to grow and evolve is my passion, this company is an extension of this intention. I do a little bit of everything in terms of work, though most of my energy goes toward customer correspondence, website maintenance, discovering new plants to offer here, writing the descriptions in listings, creating art (poetry and illustrations) to share with our customers, and listening to sacred spirit in meditations so as to understand where our path should unfold next!