Eternity Journey to Nurture the Seeds

Hello friends,

Eternity Zach of Eternity in a Box Botanicals here.
I write to inform you of the progressions of our company…

Many are confused as to our sudden disappearance from eBay and eCrater. Without notice we were suspended from both servers despite superb customer reviews and a flawless transaction record. We used alternative web-stores temporarily following this, but the result was the same…These companies are specifically aiming to restrict the availability of these sacred plants.

At Eternity in a Box we firmly believe that it is an inherent right of ones spiritual freedom to be capable of connecting with these ancient medicines and teachers. I founded this company to provide access to these plants for those in need. And while we have abided by the political restrictions deeming certain plants illegal, we have still been oppressed in our efforts to provide the legally sanctioned plants we carry in our stock.

To overcome these boundaries which seem to be enforced by all the popular e-marketplaces we have taken the initiative to begin rooting EiaBB as a self-sufficient entity. The delay has been significant, but I have been ensured by the bank officials at PNC that our application with Visa/MasterCard should be finished processing soon. Stepping outside of reliance on third party payment processors like Paypal and Google checkout, as well as working independently through our own website, gives us governing power over our own transactions and thus disallowing interference on further commerce.

We apologize for and are sincerely embarrassed by the abrupt discontinuation of our shopfronts and the difficulty/inconvenience this has caused our customers.


Tomorrows Flowers and a Ray of Light to Part the Storm

Www.EternityinaBox.coM will be up and running before long, and is viewable online now.

All of our stock is still top quality and has still been flowing into the hands of those in need throughout this credit-card down time. Though this delay in getting our website up is now what drives me to reach out and contact our customers…
We still love you all, and we will continue climbing through this jungle of forms, bank meetings and signatures necessary to process credit payments independently. And through this we will re-open the flow of evolutionary healing energy, connecting the people with the plants..! 🙂

But until then we are here for you still. We can be reached for any questions at [email protected]
To request an order email us at [email protected]

Our selection will grow quickly once more after the website is running, any requests of special interests don’t hesitate to ask, we can likely obtain any plant you need at a very good price.We also have baby Cebil (A. Colubrina) trees and Hawaiian Baby Woodrose (A. Nervosa var. Nervosa) vines all seed-grown from select genetics and just about ready for good homes…!

With love and best wishes for harmonious growth,
Zach, owner of Eternity in a Box Botanicals

3 thoughts on “Eternity Journey to Nurture the Seeds”

  1. glad to see you are back on your feet. Was wondering what happened when you disappeared off ebay. Look forward to your success in your independence from those undeserving e-marketplaces. Thanks for the update!

  2. I saw you on eCrater, but you were down at the time. I hope you’re able to provide these plants independently for the strange power that is money. I mean, it’s really about moving around the seeds. As animals, this is why the plants keep us around 🙂

    Well, I hope I can meet some new species sometime soon. Best of luck!

  3. This is what happens with totalitarian regimes. The next thing that will happen is your items will be placed on the controlled substances act. Then, as we move deeper into dictatorship, cooking spices will, 1 by 1, be placed into the controlled substances act, starting with nutmeg and poppy seeds, then moving on to bannanas etc. It’s all about restricting personal freedom. That is the main goal of all governments.

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