Other Side of the Reflection

Here’s a poem i wrote on the last summer solstice while out in the woods! 😀 enjoy

Other Side of the Reflection

Today, New in every Way
The Past, But Something Before.
Tomorrow’s Potentials
They live in the Trees,
They Laugh and They Shine
And they Sparkle in Glee.
– Let me Share Some With Thee. –

Let me take you There
Let me show you that
You Do Not Have to Care
About the Worries Weighing Down.

You’re Already There, You’re Already There
Might I help you to Become Aware
That You’re Already There,
– Because You’re Already There. –

The Movement Happened
Within the Self
And Their View of Reality-
They grew rather strong and
Learned to See.

But Who Is You?
And Who Is Me?
Wake Up Where You Need To Be.

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