Some thoughts on Potential and our Evolution

Here’s a poem about how one is always either connecting to life’s living potential, or denying it. I wrote a philosophical break-down of the ideas below. Enjoy!

Sometimes I need to
Recharge my Infinite Depth.
Staring in Wonder,
I am both here and there now.

Potential will fill you when
You find your center.
And its everywhere
So no need to look,
Just give back to Reality
What You Took…

Those years ago when you
Declared yourself alone,
You proved yourself right,
By closing your eyes tight.
Moving into the world of own.

*Extended ramble begins here :P*
By opening up to the currents of reality and opening ourselves up to change, any transformation is achievable. Often it seems that the fiercest limitations are those which we constrains Ourselves with…

Meditative and shamanic works help me to unwind these tangled limitations and access free potential and peace of being.

True potential (i call the ‘infinite depth’ in this poem) Is ‘Everywhere, so there’s no need to Look. Just give back to reality what you took’. Sometimes we ‘take’ a sense of identity and won’t let go. True purpose flows through you and re-arises from nothingness (so don’t worry, you won’t lose this!); Though our attachment to who we are convinced we are sometimes limits us and causes developmental stagnancy.

People are lonely when they don’t need to be, we are always surrounded with Eternity. Just open your doors… let change be the warm wave which carries you, rather than a stranger 🙂 This is what the ending is referring to, If you are keeping your eyes closed its easy to feel alone.

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