New Plants Coming!

New plants about to be in stock! Our Traditionaly Used medicinal herbs (which we sell not as medicine, but to support well being) will be in stock this week!
Here’s a few that we will have, the rest i will list soon:
Cat’s Claw: Used as an immune booster in Peru
Milk Thistle: Used traditionaly to help the liver
Ginkgo leaf: Used traditionally to help circulation
Lavender Flowers: Beautiful aroma,… traditional use as well
Slippery Elm Bark: Used traditionally for throat and breathing issues.
White Willow Bark: This is what ‘Aspirin’ is derived from!
St. John’s Wort: Used traditionally to brighten the mood.
Prices will be way cheap, $2-5 per oz Come and give them a try, your bodies ‘sense of well being’ will thank you!

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