Green Paramount

Hey everybody, it’s a magnificent day here in Missouri! Headed into town to enjoy the good vibes Here’s a poem for you all….enjoy!
Titled: Green Paramount
Green Paramount
Hand-Platter Eyes
Jeweled Scryes…
Stick Placement
To mark the adjacent,
Water with animals around. …
They Sell it by the Pound,
And Miss the Obvious-
To take a float with
The paperworks goat,
And Name It All
With Desperation.
Claim It All
With Declaration
Found in the Mind of Man…
So Intangible, that which we think we know,
Man’s Made Rules are simply Super-Imposed!
Would you give it all to have the Love Back?
– (That which you think you own)-
Wrote this when i was living out in the middle of the woods last summer Its about how humans think they own the world and try to sell nature….And how the impact this has is distancing us from the loving resonance of the earth-network.

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