Tea Blends are Great!

We sampled a tea blend and it was amazing! Brewed ginkgo, catnip, slippery elm, hibiscus flower, lavender flower and stevia leaf together, great combination 🙂  It was very sweet and kinda fruity tasting from the hibiscus. Loved it 🙂  I’m even more excited after sampling these, there are so many here to combine into varying teas and they’re each very unique in property and flavor.
More info to come soon. We are adding a separate category in our shop for our herbal teas, and will have our teacher plants in their own section. This should make it easier to digest the selection, there will be 25 new herbs listed in the next week, so our botanical selection will be a lot to take in as one group!
Our site will look a little different but we will have an option to view all the botanicals as a whole list for those who prefer this 🙂

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