Herbal Tea Price List

Here’s our herbal tea price list! They’ll be listed by tomorrow morning. All of these are cut and sifted foliage unless specified…
Anise Star Pods: $2.50/oz
Ashwaganda Root: $2.25/oz
Blue Cohosh Root: $2.25/oz
Cat’s Claw: $2/oz
Catuaba: $2/oz
Catnip: $2.50/oz
Chaga mushroom: $4.50/oz
Chia seeds: $2.75/oz
Comfrey: $2.25/oz
Gold Ginkgo: $2.25/oz
Ginger Root: $2.25/oz
Hibiscus: $2/oz
Kava Kava: $3.50/oz
Lavender flowers: $3/oz
Licorice root powder: $2.25/oz
Sacred Lotus flower Stamens: $4.75/oz
Slippery Elm Bark: $3.25/oz
Marshamallow root: $2.75/oz
Milk Thistle: $2.25/oz
Mullein: $2.25/oz
Mugwort: $2/oz
Passionflower: $2.75/oz
St Johns Wort: $2.25/oz
Stevia Leaf: $2.75/oz
Uva Ursi: $2.50/oz
Valerian: $3.25/oz
White Willow: $2.25/oz
Shipping charge is $3 for orders under $25, or free for orders above $25! We are charging shipping to keep the ounce price down on these. If we didn’t we’d have to run each up another $2 to cover the cost of shipping….! So this is cheaper for you all.
Come drink some teas! 🙂

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