Shipping Fee Update

Hey everybody, wanted to let you know that our shipping charge structure is changing and also we’re also LOWERING the price on some of our low quantity listings. The shipping change is being done as a means of keeping our prices low for the… botanicals themselves…! Explanation on how this works below
Shipping is still free for orders of $25 and over, which most of our orders qualify for anyways. For orders under this amount, the cost is $3 for First Class, or $5 for Priority. We are also offering  ‘Priority upgrade’ for orders of $25 or more for only $3.
*Why this saves you money actually*
With our new tea herbs, if we were to offer free shipping, we couldn’t afford to sell the herbs for less than $5 per oz. Because if you purchased one ounce of one herb, it will cost us $3 to ship it on average, and we don’t get the herbs for free! 😉   By implementing a $3 charge for small orders one will generally save a lot of money buying from us. We are charging $2 for most of our tea herbs with this new policy. So if you purchase 2 different herbs for $2 apiece, and pay $3 for shipping, You are saving a lot more money than if we offered the ounces at $5 apiece and gave you free shipping. 🙂
Hope this isn’t vastly offensive or offsetting to any of you! We are always seeking to maintain harmony and keep you all happy. The herbal tea pricing is what gave me the realization that this new system would be more practical for us all.
Come buy some teas! I’m adding the rest literally now 🙂 And we will be getting good pictures taken and detailed descriptions posted very soon!

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