Valerian Root and Kava Kava Root Teas

We sampled some more of the teas, this time trying out the more psychoactive herbs…Valerian Root and Kava Kava root. They were both AMAZING! Very at peace and relaxed, helped my sore back and neck to relax, as well as helped us to glow with positive vibrations 🙂 These are listed in our store now, but without pictures and details it seems like far less are interested in purchasing ha, go figure. It’s all good though, detailed descriptions and professional grade photography of these new herbs will be listed this week!

2 thoughts on “Valerian Root and Kava Kava Root Teas”

    1. Eternity in a Box

      With Kava Kava it is important to Not Heat it to preserve the Kavalactone content. I usually blend the kava root in a blender with a fat rich liquid such as coconut milk, (sometimes I add spices and make it chai flavor or maybe chocolate), and then strain through a cheesecloth or strainer. Drink the liquid and you’re good to go 🙂
      you can do a second extraction by blending the kava pulp a second time with fresh milk. Generally the rule of thumb is that if you are still tasting the numbing kind of tingly sensation in your mouth, then the brew is still active. From my exp the second brew with coconut milk is still decently tingly so it seems worthwhile to do this.

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