A Poem about Meditation

Poem of the day! In-depth explanation below 🙂
Making now something which dictates tomorrow,
Equation’s answer spoken here.
High, the light hits and it asks…
Who is it that you will be…?
It’s transformation can’t you see?
Whispered to over there
Quantum tightening basilisk stare.
This one is about accessing higher states of consciousness through meditative trance work and the effect this has on the unfolding of our potentials into tomorrows occurrance. As in the quantum field, observation is interference and changes the patterns present. It seems through my shamanic work, that sometimes in higher states of consciousness we are connecting with our own life’s path in a similar manner as is seen in the quantum field.
The potentials of each moment, and the potentials of what we can become as individuals are always infinite. But the act of lucidly observing your own life, and truly ‘seeing where you’re headed’ as occurs when entering lucid trance states, has an effect on the paths which we are gravitating towards.
How can we claim ignorance once we have seen the truth in ourselves? Once you know what you need to do in your life, the importance of enacting such becomes significant. Once we know for sure, that we can do good things in our life or bad things (we know what is right and wrong for ourselves when we are clear minded), the quest of our spiritual development becomes a real living journey, and not just an idealistic choice between bodies of existing practice (religions, spirituality groups etc).
Look with respect and diligence into the looking glass if you choose to take glance. And take seriously the role of being an existing body! What more is there to life than becoming who we will be…? Be something great my friends!
Sorry to ramble if it came off that way ha. Felt it took a bit of explanation to get the poems depth across.
Have a good day friends,
Zach of Eternity

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