The Balanced Middle Path

Poem of the day! This one’s about interacting with other humans, and how there is a balanced middle path wherein we are not overbearing nor cold/distant. Enjoy!
When conflict with another disturbs the scene
The ego to stand at a crossroad between,
Try to please them or laughing at ease.
The first too much Yin,
Warped and feeble cannot win…
The second too much Yang,
Through the blindness of arrogance rang.
And what of the middle way?
What is the pattern of the formless day?….
To be caring while still daring,
All the while not overbearing.
To be there Of no indentured ware,
To share your love and give your time,
But pay no mind for the rippled bind.
Present but not to dwell…
Swell with aim to please…
Ease to bring with kind…
Though nothing lost still more to find.
With nothing lost still more to find…
– When nothings lost there’s more to find.  –

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