Life Divine

Poem of the Day…
titled:   Life Divine   7/11/12

The Cosmic Joke, its funny really…
Never really at peace all the time.
… Questions do bring me away from the now
And i find myself alone, Before
I snap out of it and remember that it’s all a game…
Many spaces do entail distress-
To the character on the board,
But who I am goes further than such chores of worry and woe…
I am also the Great Mind and the Higher Being by which my figure is controlled.

Vantage-points of Reference…
Are what I hold.

I’ll take it trippy or I’ll take it slow
I’ll play my hand once Reality shows,
What its got in -store for Now…
And I’ll compliment it better
Each and Every Time,
To Honor the Grace of Life Divine,

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