The Diagram

This diagram just came to me during meditation…wanted to show it to you guys.
It shows, the Being in the middle at the center of the Infinite made by two circles, surrounded by ‘All Potential’ on both sides.
The left half of the picture shows the path of disharmony, and the right shows the path of harmony…
The Being in the middle is connected to the different paths by Choices which lead to Decision.
Top half is Opportunities, bottom half is Obstacles. The Four corners are the Emotional Responses we have when in each energy cycle.
The eyes represent the Awareness, we are either closing ourselves off and compromising our lucidity, or we are lucid and aware beings like the open eye.
The same occurrance is taken in different ways based on Who we’ve made Ourselves to Be…We are always interacting with Reality, and the forms we see are always connected to us. We can either make decisions for the greater harmony, and begin to grow and evolve….Or we can plummet into turmoil and watch our lives crumble as we choose darkness in our days.
Is the fire refining your water…? Or is it scorching you? Is nature here to nurture you, or bring about disdain…? You answer these questions with your footsteps my friends.
Make struggles a chance to shine and grow strong, don’t let tension get the better of you! All potential is within your reach, WE ARE ALWAYS AT THE CROSSROADS OF ETERNITY and HOLDING ALL POTENTIAL. These cycles we dwell in are transient…Strive for harmony and you will find peace.
Many blessings,
Have a great day!

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