3 Days Left Until the Solstice

We’ve got 3 days left until the Solstice…! The energy is rising to its peak, and soon we will begin the decline into the time of Yin dominance. The summer solstice is the equivalent ‘High noon'(also the equivalent to the full moon…See m…y diagram in our photos if you’d like more info about energy cycles!) of the year energetically speaking, and is the most full and active that this energy cycle reaches.
Anyhow, (for those of you who read through that, here’s the gift ha) we send discounts to our email subscribers regularly….But we’ve decided to let our non-subscribers in on this for the remaining few days.
Our current coupon code is ‘herbs’ celebrating the expansion of Eternity in a Box into the world of medicinal herbs! Enter this code at checkout and receive 10% off your whole order.
The coupon only works until the solstice though, so act quick if you’d like the discount! 🙂

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