2 cents in Reality is worth Eternity

So i did some writing on my 3 mile walk to the post office this morning (carrying 3 large bags of packages for you good people of course! ha)….I wanted to share this poem I wrote about our role in the bigger picture of existence and our connection to the eternal 🙂  Enjoy!

Titled: 2 cents in Reality
A name for a time
A chapter gone defined…
In it, What is it?
Who is it – that you are
Here to Find?

You are the letters that make up the word
You are the color that defines the world.
Yours is the voice which calls out the name
The storyteller he tells of your fame.

And its all here with us now
Even in your silence you speak loud.

To be here and living now
You play the role of a stepping stone…
There in ground, no time around
Serving existence with our form
As a path to pave…

We are the grand archetypes
We are weaving potential’s light
Into the moments that we see come to be.

And we are a part of the infinity
For 2 cents in Reality is worth Eternity.

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