Poem of the Day: Incentive…

Enjoy this Poem of the Day my friends…! It was written recently and is addressing the intentions and incentives behind people’s actions, and the intimidating potential of organized illusions.

This patterns is present on the level of the individual as well as groups…We are always making a change in one way or another, organized or spontaneous.

Titled: Incentive…

As I get older I almost start to wonder,
Just what are these humans up to…?
Some kind of secret plan perhaps,
An arrangement behind closed doors…
Is there somebody with something else in mind?

The wave counter-this
It’s built out of us and our minds.
But what of the sailing flagship in the lead…?
People’ve spent lives to pursue the deed.
Who knows the reasons and who
Is still nibbling on the gimmick token juxtapose…?

In the captain’s quarters decisions are made
In the sheep’s den the games are played
And there’s listeners and there’s speakers
And there’s lots of swollen rules
Then there’s gestures and there’s left-overs
And there’s rainbow colored pools.
Standing here you hear what’s there
Living where you decide to care.
Applying yourself with the ones around you to
Make things happen a certain way.
Sending past before to make the change today.

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