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What kind of packaging do we have?


image   We get a lot of questions about how we package our plants when shipping orders to our customers. What better way to reveal this aspect of our process than to show you all pictures of some actual packages that we are sending? This post is here todisclose the mystery behind The Box in which your Eternity in a Box order arrives.

Our packaging aims to be humble, while still fully securing and supporting of the plants within. The boxes we use are generic and do not reveal what is inside. We use post-consumer packaging paper to cushion the plants. This, the box, the bubble wrap, and all materials are Recyclable.

There are two types of boxes that we use, plainimage brown shipping boxes and USPS Priority white boxes. We choose between our different boxes depending on the order’s weight, location and your choice of shipping speed. Your privacy is our priority, you can be comfortable when ordering from us that your package does not stand out or have any indicative markings.

We are sometimes asked about if we stamp or illustrate the outside of our boxes…we do not. The only indication of who we are is on the return label which states ‘Eternity in a Box LLC’. The pictures will surely speak louder than words with regards to depicting our packaging materials. Let us know if you have any other questions about this and we will gladly fill you in with the details..! [email protected]





12 thoughts on “The Box : Eternity in a Box Packaging”

    1. We ship through USPS, their standard procedure is to place boxes in the mailbox if they fit. Given the size of your order it may or may not fit into a box suitable for the mailbox. Small orders ship in 4×4 boxes, or small Priority orders ship in ‘Small Flat Rate’ boxes issued by USPS which are about the size of a VHS tape (if anyone remembers what those look like lol).

      Let me know if I can answer any other questions!

    1. Lol, suspicious indicative of what? It is simply art.
      We’re happy to meet any requests, we could Not put it in your box if you’d prefer.
      Just include requests such as this in the ‘Comment’ section when ordering.

      1. ???? well here in Egypt they r alot into conspiracy theories n things like that
        If they saw that they might think its some kind of a special thing in it
        Now we both knw it is SPECIAL but they shouldn’t 😀
        And thanks alot for considering this

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