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This poem addresses how our habits often hold us back from bringing new potential into our lives. Sometimes the coziness with which we are encompassed when completing the actions we consider to be ‘what we do’ blinds us from the blossoms behind our backs. Turn around and wake up my friends…!


The smoking brew sessions

They connect me to and remind me of my past,

While causing tomorrow to sleep in…


I do hear the echoes here,

I do love the sentiment near,

But will I stay in this hallway,

Listening to what I’ve already heard…?


Tomorrow speaks a foreign word,

But the pressure of the presence might

Sing-a-long absurd.


To turn around and catch sight of the blossoms

To re-access infinity.

Drawing the picture of more than what you can…

Feeling potential rise from the similar sand.


Mundane Fun Insane – Novel Trippy Game

To sing in chord with the moon and rain.

Life is never ever the same…

3 thoughts on “Poem of the Day…!”

  1. The only thing that remains

    Work steady until the end of the day
    Always remember what holds the stay
    The sun comes and returns the same
    The only thing that remains: Earth, sky, fire and rain

    The living green each breath maintained
    Vitality and healing simply gained
    Plants and trees share our morphological planes
    The only thing that remains: Earth, sky, fire and rain

    When joined together beauty creates
    Lifting each other to a higher place
    The future is brighter with Nature embraced
    For the only thing that remains: Earth, sky, fire and rain.

    Debra Paige author of the upcoming book: “One Brave Step.”

    I wrote this poem for you after reading about the loss of your tents. I am so grateful you didn’t give up. Seems I need your help; today. So, I am grateful to you for all of your hard work. May you find infinite blessings in the good work you are doing….always understand that the joy of your labor of love…will go on forever. Please accept my simple: THANK YOU!

  2. Love, it is the way.
    Love is just and love just is.
    In order to explain love,
    one must first understand that …
    love needs no explanation.

    Mankind tries to control kind men,
    but a kind man cannot be controlled
    because kindness is infectious and
    mankind is OUT of control.

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