Eternity in a Box Goals for 2014

We are always striving to better serve our community of customers. The stock that we provide and the methods we use to connect with those in need of herbs are always evolving to further potentiate our means of helping the world. We hope to make much progress in 2014, our team has discussed the different goals which could be pursued and we’ve agreed upon some particular ideas which we think will best help to enliven our community 🙂


  • We’ll be adding lots more Live Plants added to our stock! This has been on our to-do list since the infancy of our company, so it’s time to make it happen! We’ll be offering Live Rooted Cuttings and also Seed Grown specimen…We’re very excited about this!
  • We intend to organize celebratory gatherings and invite our customers to join! This is another idea which has been a dream of ours since the start of Eternity in a Box. The prospect of breaking down the wall of customer-shopkeep duality and actually meeting and exchanging ideas and positive energy in person is far too intriguing to not be manifest into reality! You will all be invited when this occurs, we’d love to meet you all!
  • Be ready for regular Email Newsletter updates about our stock and company, and lots of coupons! We’ve developed quite a significant following with our email newsletter and so we’re planning on really kicking our email correspondence up a notch. We will be sending our newsletter out Twice a Month this year, so be ready for these good-vibe Eternity in a Box Newsletters shining through the mundanity of junk mail and boring advertisements in your email inbox 🙂  Not signed up for our Free Newsletter yet?!  Tis highly recommended! Come and sign up HERE
  • More regular Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media posts!  We will be keeping in better contact using a variety of social media methods. Expect very regular posts to all of our pages, and hopefully more input from the other Eternity Crew members (as of now I, Eternity Zach do most all of the customer correspondence. I’m trying to convince the other guys to stop being shy and start expressing their own passion and good energy to our customers ha). Links to our pages are here:  BlogFacebookTwitterPinterest
  • We’ll be adding Posters, Shirts and other cool merchandise featuring our Spiritual Artwork as well as  professional quality pictures of our Plant Teachers! This is another angle which has been suggested by our customers numerous times. People have asked us to do larger artwork to be featured on t-shirts, posters, coffee mugs etc and we’ve also had plenty of requests for posters which feature our different herbs (particularly plant teachers). Both of these avenues will be a lot of fun to pursue, this will serve to keep my own artistic creation flowing as well as our Photographer friend Eternity Shaina’s. This also provides a cool means for others to benefit from the positive energy ingrained in our artwork, with posters you can comfortably view the art away from the computer (which is always a plus!) and with shirts you can show off your favorite plant supplier to the world! ha 🙂
  • Attaining Native American Church affiliation and legal protection! This is another goal we’re moving towards, the acceptance and embrace of Eternity in a Box by the legally sanctioned Native American Church. This will allow us to more in-depth describe the functions of our plants and will also allow us to use the term ‘medicine’ the way see think it should be used (to describe plants and the qualities they carry!). There is also a very real possibility of us being able to host Ceremony and Ritual involving sacred plants, as these practices are legally protected by Native American Church members.
  • Be ready for lots of new plants…! This one is a given to some extent, but we’re including it in our list due to the enthusiasm with which we are pursuing this goal with. We hope to stock 20-50 new plants in 2014, as well as to keep stocked up with all the herbs we already offer. Expect new Teacher Plants, new Traditional Medicine Herbs, new Ritual and Ceremony Plants, more Restorative Foods and even a new category altogether! It’s always exciting to consider all the new plants which we can share existence with…We love being near plants!

This sums up the root of our current Goal List, new ideas and goals will be shared with you all soon through our blog, so keep in touch friends!  🙂


-Written by Eternity Zach, pondered upon by all the Eternity Crew!

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    1. Greetings fellow seeker. I’m also looking for a reputable place where likeminded Madre Ayahuasca people meet. I have done 3 ceremonies already and help to provide what I’ve experienced. Just ask. Have you found a place that meet’s up in New York or New Jersey concerning Ayahuasca??
      [email protected]

  1. I would really enjoy celebratory gaherings, as well as EIAB Merchandise! Also, good luck getting legal protection!
    Thanks for all you do, it doesn’t go unappreciated!

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