Poem of the Day: Collective Effort

This is a poem about remembering our unity and changing the world in a harmonious way 🙂


Title: Collective Effort

Might we all do our part
In the holistic effort
Of positive energy correlation.
(How about…)
Collective Prosperity through
Unification and realization
Of inner oneness and wholeness.

Progress toward shared
Understanding and well-being rather
Than individual excess and power.
The need for a global awakening
Of just ethical practices,
And a communally conscious reminder
Of the indifference of all forms,

Draws more urgent by the day.

We’re getting so wrapped up in
The dynamics of ‘our own’ views on things,
That many of us are forgetting that we are
REMEMBER…You and Not an Individual,
YOU Simply Watch the Dream.



Written 3/17/07 by me, Eternity Zach 🙂

1 thought on “Poem of the Day: Collective Effort”

  1. Perhaps we need to learn to be enough for ovesrlues. Should we ask others to do this for us, we generally meet with disappointment ! Perhaps this is a good reason for having such experiences as loneliness and sadness. Not nice energies of course, however they do have a lot to teach us !A lovely poem, Nanda .

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