Poem of the Day: Harsh Cycle

This is a poem about the imposition of industrial expansion on the well-being of citizens.

Title: Harsh Cycle

People being homeless
Can surely be a problem.
People being homeful
Is surely a problem.

Closing ourselves off from
Each other promotes deviancy
And ego eccentricism.

Not just each other,
But being closed off from
Natural life is
Hash on the mind.

Local parks cannot
Compensate local citizens.
There’s not enough room,
Due to all this industrial

Too much (time spent) inside= Less physical progress
Weaker body= More sickness
More sickness= More inside + More pharmaceuticals
More medicine= More industrial profit
More industrial profit= More industrial expansion
More industrial expansion= Even less natural area…

Harsh Cycle.


Written sometime in 2007 by me, Eternity Zach 😀

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