Herb of the Week: Mar 13th – 19th

oatstraw-dryEvery week we give a different sample with every order.

This week it is Oatstraw.


Oatstraw is a wonderful medicinal and supplemental herb! Oatstraw contains an amazing amount of nutrients! Rich in Vitamin B, D and E, as well as Magnesium, Calcium, and Iron.


Learn more about Oatstraw.

The Eternity team hopes you enjoy getting to know this new plant and add it to your collection someday.

1 thought on “Herb of the Week: Mar 13th – 19th”

  1. Recently I ordered some Kratom from this com[any after finding out my friend William had it available on this website. Awesome product delivered quickly. I have used Kratom for pain for years. I made up some nice Kratom, damiama (also from Eternity in a box!) passionflower and licorice root tea to take with me to a party. I shared with some friends who had been through the wringer for our country. all commented on how well they felt after after trying it. One in particular lost his face an arm and a leg in Desert Storm. completely disabled…he said it cleared his mind, and for the first time since his injuries he took a swim with us!! a powerful moment which brough tears to the groups eyes! Kratom is a product I believe in! Get familiar with it!! Many Blessings to Eternity in a box. A good idea turns into an American dream.

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