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Potentials & Harmony, Magick and/or Selflessness

Some philosophical considerations for you all ??
Something I was thinking about this morning.
Have an amazing day!!!
-Zach of Eternity

*Potentials & Harmony, Magick and/or Selflessness*

If you’re not tapping into, and harmonically communing with, objectively present Potentials, when working to allow Creation to flow through you, but are rather just expressing efforts from within, Then-

You may be engaging reality in a way which is exceptionally less conducive to achieving the results you seek, and in a way which requires exceptionally more effort to achieve those results- if any results are even achieved at all using that technique…

I suggest to you to-
Pick from the fruit of the trees from which you can grasp with ease.

Selfless cultivations yield harmonic results; there is always what we need present here, in the range of tangible potentials, provided by divine outreach.

Climb as you see the branches before you. But climb not to gain, rather to serve as a part of the Beauty of What Is.

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