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Herb of the Week: Apr 16 – 23

Every week we give a different sample with every order.

This week it is Smoked Ghost Pepper Powder.

Eternity Zach experimented with Ghost Pepper’s active ingredient Capsaicin, to study its beneficial health effects, here are the notes from the experiment:
30mg Smoked Ghost Powder swallowed after stirring in water…
+0:00 immediate sensation of heat and intense salivation.
+:01 feeling a ‘rising’ sensation, stronger inner warmth and excitement mentally
+:03 breathing coming very easily, salivation intensifying
+:04 feels like I’m in a trance, my focus is also very determined
+:05 circulation feels amazing, muscles feeling looser than usual
+:07 trance feeling and salivation most subsided
~+:10 stomach feels slightly uncomfortable
+:25 all effects stabilized. Muscular/joint looseness and circulation benefits are still apparent.
A worthwhile experiment. The ghost pepper was very beneficial for helping the tension I had in my neck; my breathing also felt noticeably better afterwards.

Learn more about Smoked Ghost Pepper Powder.

The Eternity team hopes you enjoy getting to know this new plant and add it to your collection someday!

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