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Evolutions and Adaptations- New Payment Processing

What is Happening?

The culture is changing…big time!

In case you haven’t noticed, ‘the system’ has been working to prohibit and limit citizens access to herbal medicines, and this effort has increased CONSIDERABLY in the past few years.

We’ve done wonderful with avoiding prohibitions so far, even for our Teacher Plants (entheogens), but there’s always a bump in the road for entheogen suppliers it seems…

Last year we saw the FDA crunch down on Kratom.
We’re also seeing similar oppression in the newly blossoming Cannabis industries and other herbal medicine work.

Amanita Muscaria was blacklisted by PayPal recently, Ayahuasca Herbs including Acacia Confusa have been mostly taken off of eBay and other markets. Credit processors have been working against these plants especially. Don’t worry though, we will continue to be around with your continued support!

Throughout our 5 years in business we’ve taken hits along the way, but we have always pushed through and shined through adversity! We will continue to do so now 🙂

How/Why can we be restricted from buying legal plants?

It is apparent that even though we have the LEGAL right to purchase/consume ANY legal Plant, we are being suppressed from fulfilling this right.

The root of this suppression is in the Corrupt Banking Industry and especially the Credit Processing underwriters.

We refuse to slow down, shut up, or be suppressed.
Eternity in a Box has been around for over 5 years now. We are blessed to have grown to be the top supplier for many sacred plants, and we are so grateful to have had your support along the way <3

We are adapting to fit this new paradigm and intend to shine through the struggle. We are here to help You to obtain the Plants that you have the Right to obtain, and we will work with you in any way you need.

As a collective, we can re-format this amazing plant culture and create a dynamic format which keeps everyone safe, happy & FREE to do what they choose with their hard earned money!


How do I buy Botanicals?

Our website is still functioning like normal, and we are rolling forward with an abundance of orders!

Currently functioning payment methods are Secure eCheck, BitCoin, Money Order/Check, and Gift Card.

Secure eCheck is a new method we’re offering, and we’re super excited about it! Secure eCheck payments are So Simple, just enter the info found in your checkbook (Routing # & Acct #) on the checkout page to send an immediate payment through our Secure Checkout Page!!

This is so awesome because it sidesteps the Credit Processing institution and allows you to send money from Your Bank.

We’ve had countless requests to integrate BitCoin into our website, and we’re excited for that to be up and running now as well 🙂

5 thoughts on “Evolutions and Adaptations- New Payment Processing

  1. Considering the recent newsletter… If I had placed an order for Acacia confusa via Paypal/card in late May, should I consider cancelling it and making a new order via check/money order instead?



    1. Thanks for your consideration Jason. No worries though, despite our issues with them, ALL orders placed before the dispute are accounted for and will be shipped as planned 🙂

      1. Thank you!

  2. I am attempting to purchase 100x Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds, though I do not see an option for PayPal anywhere, any help?

    1. We are not currently accepting Paypal payments. We’ll have Credit Card again before too long, but for now Secure eCheck is a practical and simple method of completing your order immediately 🙂 You can also see if you have any other questions about payments

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