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Paying by Credit Card

We are accepting Credit Card payments for orders on our new website !


On this website you can checkout with ALL of our awesome plants, except the Teacher Plants… don’t worry though, if you’d like some teacher plants and want to pay with credit card; we’ve gotcha taken care of!


On the new website you can purchase GIFT CARDS which are useable on this website for teacher plants!

Click here to buy a Gift Card, and checkout like normal; you’ll have your gift card code soon!!

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Acacia Confusa Update 9-12-17

Greetings friends!
Acacia Confusa update 🙂
The majority of our preorder delay has been relative to the demand for the Extra Finely Shredded Acacia, and its processing procedure. Having demanded a majority of this from our supplier, it has always made the process of getting all 3 varieties slower than ideal.
The root of the problem with the Extra Fine, especially this year, has been the equipment used to Grind and Mill the bark down to a powder.
We usually try to get Powder to provide as our Extra Finely Shredded Acacia;
When we demand from our supplier that they grind it all the way to a Flour ( the finest powder of particulate size you can achieve with such machinery) the ware on the equipment, and the time it takes to produce it goes up exponentially!!
Our exclusive, awesome and reliable supplier in Hawaii has always had a hard time keeping up with our demand (hence the preorders!), but it seems that the repeated ware on the equipment and maintenance necessary to produce the Powder in abundance dwells at the root of this delay.
That being said, I’m here to inform that for the time being, we are having to withdraw our demand for the Powder, and instead will be offering slightly larger grain sizes (still smaller than the Fn shredded) as our Extra Fine.
I’m sure you all can understand, we are doing this to expedite the fulfillment of all preorders and get everyone the wonderful Acacia root bark which they need…!
We’re excited to be proceeding forward to get everyone taken care of promptly. Thank you for your support <3
Best wishes,
Zach of Eternity
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Evolutions and Adaptations- New Payment Processing

What is Happening?

The culture is changing…big time!

In case you haven’t noticed, ‘the system’ has been working to prohibit and limit citizens access to herbal medicines, and this effort has increased CONSIDERABLY in the past few years.

We’ve done wonderful with avoiding prohibitions so far, even for our Teacher Plants (entheogens), but there’s always a bump in the road for entheogen suppliers it seems…

Last year we saw the FDA crunch down on Kratom.
We’re also seeing similar oppression in the newly blossoming Cannabis industries and other herbal medicine work.

Amanita Muscaria was blacklisted by PayPal recently, Ayahuasca Herbs including Acacia Confusa have been mostly taken off of eBay and other markets. Credit processors have been working against these plants especially. Don’t worry though, we will continue to be around with your continued support!

Throughout our 5 years in business we’ve taken hits along the way, but we have always pushed through and shined through adversity! We will continue to do so now 🙂

How/Why can we be restricted from buying legal plants?

It is apparent that even though we have the LEGAL right to purchase/consume ANY legal Plant, we are being suppressed from fulfilling this right.

The root of this suppression is in the Corrupt Banking Industry and especially the Credit Processing underwriters.

We refuse to slow down, shut up, or be suppressed.
Eternity in a Box has been around for over 5 years now. We are blessed to have grown to be the top supplier for many sacred plants, and we are so grateful to have had your support along the way <3

We are adapting to fit this new paradigm and intend to shine through the struggle. We are here to help You to obtain the Plants that you have the Right to obtain, and we will work with you in any way you need.

As a collective, we can re-format this amazing plant culture and create a dynamic format which keeps everyone safe, happy & FREE to do what they choose with their hard earned money!


How do I buy Botanicals?

Our website is still functioning like normal, and we are rolling forward with an abundance of orders!

Currently functioning payment methods are Secure eCheck, BitCoin, Money Order/Check, and Gift Card.

Secure eCheck is a new method we’re offering, and we’re super excited about it! Secure eCheck payments are So Simple, just enter the info found in your checkbook (Routing # & Acct #) on the checkout page to send an immediate payment through our Secure Checkout Page!!

This is so awesome because it sidesteps the Credit Processing institution and allows you to send money from Your Bank.

We’ve had countless requests to integrate BitCoin into our website, and we’re excited for that to be up and running now as well 🙂

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Pattern Recognition and Neurochemistry

*Pattern Recognition, Pattern Pondering, Patterns Seen*
What do you all feel about Pattern Recognition, in your perceptual experience of life? 

How often do you notice patterns?

Do you fun pondering them?

Are you schizotypally entangled in them?
How does the recognition of patterns correlate to changes in neurochemistry, for you?
Do you ‘get high’ off of synchronicity? Do you overdose from time to time, and lose coherent perceptual formation, due to the over-perceptualization of patterns recognized (mild psychosis)?

Or do you avoid the consumption of such, due to it being silly or superfluous in your perspective?
Life is a profound psychoactive, and One which requires alchemical preparation and proper dosing, to ensure sustainable enjoyment of the high.
Dose as you wish. 

Please be mindful and aware, so as to not overdose. 

But likewise, please treat yourself to some if you are lacking in neurochemical contentment.
Life is your Mind’s Muse.

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Old Age, New Age…

Seekers through time have walked towards harmony and enlightenment, with god-given feet, through struggles and bliss, enduring the road…
The new age seeks to build a hyperdimensional crystal ship to fly to the same destination.
Is this a new (more evolved?) paradigm of enlightenment model? Or a cultural deception, serving to root people into fantastical sci-fi dreams, and detaching them from the reality of the earth, present Here and Now, crying out beneath our feet…
Are you planting star seeds, or earth seeds?

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Personal Power & Mental Programs

You can assign your power away to others. In fact, you may already be doing it…
Does anyone ‘push your buttons’ or ‘make you feel (insert undesirable emotion)’?
You’re not wrong for reacting that way, but please acknowledge and embrace that this is a mental program in YOU, and one which seems inefficient and detrimental.
Want to correct silly mental programs?

Stay tuned, intensely and devotedly-

To each moment and watch as your options present themselves.
There’s an outdoor right by the indoor. But IF you’re in a Hurry to start Feeling a Certain Way I’ll bet you’ll Not notice the out door,

You’ll quickly proceed towards the indoor instead…
Do you see that,

Cycles repeat themselves largely due to our own lack of intervention?
Be as happy as you’d like to be~

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Potentials & Harmony, Magick and/or Selflessness

Some philosophical considerations for you all ??
Something I was thinking about this morning.
Have an amazing day!!!
-Zach of Eternity

*Potentials & Harmony, Magick and/or Selflessness*

If you’re not tapping into, and harmonically communing with, objectively present Potentials, when working to allow Creation to flow through you, but are rather just expressing efforts from within, Then-

You may be engaging reality in a way which is exceptionally less conducive to achieving the results you seek, and in a way which requires exceptionally more effort to achieve those results- if any results are even achieved at all using that technique…

I suggest to you to-
Pick from the fruit of the trees from which you can grasp with ease.

Selfless cultivations yield harmonic results; there is always what we need present here, in the range of tangible potentials, provided by divine outreach.

Climb as you see the branches before you. But climb not to gain, rather to serve as a part of the Beauty of What Is.

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Alchemy of Self-Refinement: The ‘Shadow Self’, Suppression, Attachments & The Middle Way…

Alchemy of Self-Refinement: The ‘Shadow Self’, Suppression, Attachments & The Middle Way…


I was with the sacred San Pedro cactus walking through the woods in meditation when I began thinking about my journey of self-discovery and the process of transcending disharmony (the alchemical refinement of being). A thought came up about the ‘Shadow Self’ or, what I would define as ‘Disharmonious aspects of being’.


Through the years I have identified aspects of my personality and emotional tendencies which are disharmonious, and have worked to refine them out through disciplines which catalyze neuron-renetworking. To me, the process of evolving ones self, and striving for betterment is a strong drive; I enjoy the discipline and the struggle to transcend habitual tendencies (physical, mental & emotional).


The ‘Shadow Self’ seems to come up a lot in discussions recently. Many ‘New-Agers’ seems to have the idea in mind that we should Accept the shadow self. Accept our disharmony, and even embrace it….This never quite sat right with me. Though until this moment with cactus guidance I wasn’t aware of the proper course of action in dealing with ones shadows.


To accept or to deny both seem to be extremes. The cactus showed me a Middle Way of harmony between the two, which very much resonates with me. In life it always seems that a composite of contrasts is where harmony lies, this principle I learned from Taoism and have only come to affirm it more with each life experience.


When walking through the woods that day I saw that the tendency I always followed was to Look Away from the disharmonious aspects of my mind whenever they arose. I did this out of fear and a petty attempt at denying that these were a part of me. Looking away like this didn’t serve to help me transcend or refine the disharmony, it just brought my perception away from the experience, essentially like turning ones head and looking away from what is disturbing…is the disturbing aspect ‘gone’, or have you just looked away to create a temporary state of sensory peace?


This tactic, which I was doing by default for many years, served only to suppress those disharmonious tendencies.


The dualistic alternative to suppression seems to be the norm in many new-age circles. ‘Embracing the Shadow Self’ I hear people call it…I fear that this can be equally naive and lead to a sense of complacency. If we are apt to embrace aspects of ourselves which are disharmonious, where is the drive to refine, to strive for clarity and peace?


The Middle Way was what the cactus helped me to see that day…

Rather than to Suppress, rather than to Embrace, I was shown to simply Observe these occurrences. Through maintaining a Zen disposition, neither engaging the shadows nor fearing them, I was at the maximum potential for harmony. To alchemically refine the being requires an understanding of the ‘What’; What is it that we are refining? To understand the what, which in this case is the disharmonious shadows, we must study them, we must observe and learn.


Through suppressing it, and fearing the dark side of my perception I made little progress in truly understanding the mechanics of these patterns and also little progress in refining it out of my being. Those who choose to embrace it also will fail to refine it out, as they form an attachment to it and learn to identify with it. Attachment and Denial, dualistic poles of response; both extremes which are not balanced.


Sacred cactus showed me to take each instance where a disharmonious thought or emotion arises as a profound opportunity to better understand the patterns I was seeking to refine. Through this transformation of perception, taking a struggle which incited fear and suppression and transmuting it into a opportunity to learn and grow, I found much peace and potential.


The work to transcend these aspects will take time, but I am so grateful for this perceptual tool which was gifted to me, this insight into how to formulate the process of refining.


Blessed be~

-Zach of Eternity

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Poem of the Day: We the ones

This is another poem about our inner-potential and the universal indifference of our beauty and power. We are all blessed with divine opportunity to transform this world…

Title: We the ones

And what of we the ones?
The blessed sons,
We crystal rungs?
Us energy players,
Us avid neigh-sayers,
The ones of all,
And none,
Of which are slightly greater.

Written sometime between 2005 and 2008 by me, Eternity Zach 🙂

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Poem of the Day: Inside-Out Paradox Box

This poem is about the inner-truth inherent in us all…wisdom which lies right below the conditionings and hesitancy which we’ve been bred to possess. Let go and experience beautiful truth my friends, the answer is in you!


Title: Inside-Out Paradox Box

Remember to
Forget everything
You Know
-To Understand-

And once you know this,
Don’t forget
To Remember
You Understand


*end of poem*

Written between 2005 and 2007 by me, Eternity Zach 🙂