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The Sampling Dream Team :-)

Are you an avid botanical enthusiast with a keen eye for quality?? If so, please come and join the Eternity in a Box Dream Team and help us to test the quality of all of our new herbs! (Those interested please email us at


Why must there be a team of dreamers?

At Eternity in a Box we strive to only provide to our customers the absolutely finest quality herbs available on the planet. We already have a sampling protocol, but are seeking to expand the amount of input we receive prior to decidedly carrying any new herb in our store.

This is our function of assembling the Eternity in a Box DREAM TEAM 🙂 The more input given about any topic, the more objective our collective understanding can become. Anyone is welcome to join! The unique input which you can provide is a sacred gift, share your input with the world and help the botanical enthusiast community to become better educated.

Each individual’s biochemistry is unique, the way plants interact with our physiology varies from one human to another. Whether the way the plants interact with you is particularly profound and distinctly discernible, or if the way you react is subtle and/or unimpressive…Your input about your experience is valuable to the community!



Are you a dreamer?

Do you speak to spirit with the herbs?
Let your dream’s lessons provide light of insight in the waking world!
Come and sample our herbs and tell us what you think, we’ll provide you a discount and you provide us a review!

Those of you who really resonate with the idea of regularly sharing the finer points of your interaction with plants will be encouraged to help us out again very soon!

We always have new herbs coming in, we need a Dream Team to help us to ensure that the quality of botanicals which are in our store are always top-notch.


I get the concept, but why is it called the Dream Team?

In life we are always cycling between sleep wherein we are integrating our waking life, and then awakeness wherein we are assimilating our dream journeys into the conscious mind.

This group is being referred to as the Dream Team as a symbolic reference to this dualistic process and also as a uniting singularity to bridge the poles. Let you subconscious mind come unto reality…your input and inner thoughts can take life in the community. This is the act of making a Dream into an aspect of Reality…and this is the ultimate energetic result of the Dream Teams action in the physical.

So basically the dream team is an elite squad of manifestation workers bringing to life wisdom through the expression of their spontaneously derived emotional response to interacting with the herbs 🙂 hehe, you get it now??

Are there benefits to becoming a dreamer, or are you guys just trying to convince me to review your herbs??

Discounts will be provided for all the herbs which you sample at a rate of 20%, and also, by participating you will be making us very grateful and thus encouraging us to provide to you ample ‘hook ups’ on future orders 🙂 hehe

Blessed be the community of spiritual seekers, might the fruits of their awareness adorn our table…And let the community dine forth taking what is needed. We hope to help you all and appreciate any input you can provide us!
~We love you all!~


Email us at for more information on joining the Dream Team. We won’t decline anyone, but there are a few specifications regarding the posting of reviews which we’d like to discuss before fully initiating you ha 🙂