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Paying by Credit Card

We are accepting Credit Card payments for orders on our new website !


On this website you can checkout with ALL of our awesome plants, except the Teacher Plants… don’t worry though, if you’d like some teacher plants and want to pay with credit card; we’ve gotcha taken care of!


On the new website you can purchase GIFT CARDS which are useable on this website for teacher plants!

Click here to buy a Gift Card, and checkout like normal; you’ll have your gift card code soon!!

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Acacia Confusa Update 9-12-17

Greetings friends!
Acacia Confusa update 🙂
The majority of our preorder delay has been relative to the demand for the Extra Finely Shredded Acacia, and its processing procedure. Having demanded a majority of this from our supplier, it has always made the process of getting all 3 varieties slower than ideal.
The root of the problem with the Extra Fine, especially this year, has been the equipment used to Grind and Mill the bark down to a powder.
We usually try to get Powder to provide as our Extra Finely Shredded Acacia;
When we demand from our supplier that they grind it all the way to a Flour ( the finest powder of particulate size you can achieve with such machinery) the ware on the equipment, and the time it takes to produce it goes up exponentially!!
Our exclusive, awesome and reliable supplier in Hawaii has always had a hard time keeping up with our demand (hence the preorders!), but it seems that the repeated ware on the equipment and maintenance necessary to produce the Powder in abundance dwells at the root of this delay.
That being said, I’m here to inform that for the time being, we are having to withdraw our demand for the Powder, and instead will be offering slightly larger grain sizes (still smaller than the Fn shredded) as our Extra Fine.
I’m sure you all can understand, we are doing this to expedite the fulfillment of all preorders and get everyone the wonderful Acacia root bark which they need…!
We’re excited to be proceeding forward to get everyone taken care of promptly. Thank you for your support <3
Best wishes,
Zach of Eternity
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Evolutions and Adaptations- New Payment Processing

What is Happening?

The culture is changing…big time!

In case you haven’t noticed, ‘the system’ has been working to prohibit and limit citizens access to herbal medicines, and this effort has increased CONSIDERABLY in the past few years.

We’ve done wonderful with avoiding prohibitions so far, even for our Teacher Plants (entheogens), but there’s always a bump in the road for entheogen suppliers it seems…

Last year we saw the FDA crunch down on Kratom.
We’re also seeing similar oppression in the newly blossoming Cannabis industries and other herbal medicine work.

Amanita Muscaria was blacklisted by PayPal recently, Ayahuasca Herbs including Acacia Confusa have been mostly taken off of eBay and other markets. Credit processors have been working against these plants especially. Don’t worry though, we will continue to be around with your continued support!

Throughout our 5 years in business we’ve taken hits along the way, but we have always pushed through and shined through adversity! We will continue to do so now 🙂

How/Why can we be restricted from buying legal plants?

It is apparent that even though we have the LEGAL right to purchase/consume ANY legal Plant, we are being suppressed from fulfilling this right.

The root of this suppression is in the Corrupt Banking Industry and especially the Credit Processing underwriters.

We refuse to slow down, shut up, or be suppressed.
Eternity in a Box has been around for over 5 years now. We are blessed to have grown to be the top supplier for many sacred plants, and we are so grateful to have had your support along the way <3

We are adapting to fit this new paradigm and intend to shine through the struggle. We are here to help You to obtain the Plants that you have the Right to obtain, and we will work with you in any way you need.

As a collective, we can re-format this amazing plant culture and create a dynamic format which keeps everyone safe, happy & FREE to do what they choose with their hard earned money!


How do I buy Botanicals?

Our website is still functioning like normal, and we are rolling forward with an abundance of orders!

Currently functioning payment methods are Secure eCheck, BitCoin, Money Order/Check, and Gift Card.

Secure eCheck is a new method we’re offering, and we’re super excited about it! Secure eCheck payments are So Simple, just enter the info found in your checkbook (Routing # & Acct #) on the checkout page to send an immediate payment through our Secure Checkout Page!!

This is so awesome because it sidesteps the Credit Processing institution and allows you to send money from Your Bank.

We’ve had countless requests to integrate BitCoin into our website, and we’re excited for that to be up and running now as well 🙂

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The Sampling Dream Team :-)

Are you an avid botanical enthusiast with a keen eye for quality?? If so, please come and join the Eternity in a Box Dream Team and help us to test the quality of all of our new herbs! (Those interested please email us at


Why must there be a team of dreamers?

At Eternity in a Box we strive to only provide to our customers the absolutely finest quality herbs available on the planet. We already have a sampling protocol, but are seeking to expand the amount of input we receive prior to decidedly carrying any new herb in our store.

This is our function of assembling the Eternity in a Box DREAM TEAM 🙂 The more input given about any topic, the more objective our collective understanding can become. Anyone is welcome to join! The unique input which you can provide is a sacred gift, share your input with the world and help the botanical enthusiast community to become better educated.

Each individual’s biochemistry is unique, the way plants interact with our physiology varies from one human to another. Whether the way the plants interact with you is particularly profound and distinctly discernible, or if the way you react is subtle and/or unimpressive…Your input about your experience is valuable to the community!



Are you a dreamer?

Do you speak to spirit with the herbs?
Let your dream’s lessons provide light of insight in the waking world!
Come and sample our herbs and tell us what you think, we’ll provide you a discount and you provide us a review!

Those of you who really resonate with the idea of regularly sharing the finer points of your interaction with plants will be encouraged to help us out again very soon!

We always have new herbs coming in, we need a Dream Team to help us to ensure that the quality of botanicals which are in our store are always top-notch.


I get the concept, but why is it called the Dream Team?

In life we are always cycling between sleep wherein we are integrating our waking life, and then awakeness wherein we are assimilating our dream journeys into the conscious mind.

This group is being referred to as the Dream Team as a symbolic reference to this dualistic process and also as a uniting singularity to bridge the poles. Let you subconscious mind come unto reality…your input and inner thoughts can take life in the community. This is the act of making a Dream into an aspect of Reality…and this is the ultimate energetic result of the Dream Teams action in the physical.

So basically the dream team is an elite squad of manifestation workers bringing to life wisdom through the expression of their spontaneously derived emotional response to interacting with the herbs 🙂 hehe, you get it now??

Are there benefits to becoming a dreamer, or are you guys just trying to convince me to review your herbs??

Discounts will be provided for all the herbs which you sample at a rate of 20%, and also, by participating you will be making us very grateful and thus encouraging us to provide to you ample ‘hook ups’ on future orders 🙂 hehe

Blessed be the community of spiritual seekers, might the fruits of their awareness adorn our table…And let the community dine forth taking what is needed. We hope to help you all and appreciate any input you can provide us!
~We love you all!~


Email us at for more information on joining the Dream Team. We won’t decline anyone, but there are a few specifications regarding the posting of reviews which we’d like to discuss before fully initiating you ha 🙂

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Eternity in a Box Goals for 2014

We are always striving to better serve our community of customers. The stock that we provide and the methods we use to connect with those in need of herbs are always evolving to further potentiate our means of helping the world. We hope to make much progress in 2014, our team has discussed the different goals which could be pursued and we’ve agreed upon some particular ideas which we think will best help to enliven our community 🙂


  • We’ll be adding lots more Live Plants added to our stock! This has been on our to-do list since the infancy of our company, so it’s time to make it happen! We’ll be offering Live Rooted Cuttings and also Seed Grown specimen…We’re very excited about this!
  • We intend to organize celebratory gatherings and invite our customers to join! This is another idea which has been a dream of ours since the start of Eternity in a Box. The prospect of breaking down the wall of customer-shopkeep duality and actually meeting and exchanging ideas and positive energy in person is far too intriguing to not be manifest into reality! You will all be invited when this occurs, we’d love to meet you all!
  • Be ready for regular Email Newsletter updates about our stock and company, and lots of coupons! We’ve developed quite a significant following with our email newsletter and so we’re planning on really kicking our email correspondence up a notch. We will be sending our newsletter out Twice a Month this year, so be ready for these good-vibe Eternity in a Box Newsletters shining through the mundanity of junk mail and boring advertisements in your email inbox 🙂  Not signed up for our Free Newsletter yet?!  Tis highly recommended! Come and sign up HERE
  • More regular Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media posts!  We will be keeping in better contact using a variety of social media methods. Expect very regular posts to all of our pages, and hopefully more input from the other Eternity Crew members (as of now I, Eternity Zach do most all of the customer correspondence. I’m trying to convince the other guys to stop being shy and start expressing their own passion and good energy to our customers ha). Links to our pages are here:  BlogFacebookTwitterPinterest
  • We’ll be adding Posters, Shirts and other cool merchandise featuring our Spiritual Artwork as well as  professional quality pictures of our Plant Teachers! This is another angle which has been suggested by our customers numerous times. People have asked us to do larger artwork to be featured on t-shirts, posters, coffee mugs etc and we’ve also had plenty of requests for posters which feature our different herbs (particularly plant teachers). Both of these avenues will be a lot of fun to pursue, this will serve to keep my own artistic creation flowing as well as our Photographer friend Eternity Shaina’s. This also provides a cool means for others to benefit from the positive energy ingrained in our artwork, with posters you can comfortably view the art away from the computer (which is always a plus!) and with shirts you can show off your favorite plant supplier to the world! ha 🙂
  • Attaining Native American Church affiliation and legal protection! This is another goal we’re moving towards, the acceptance and embrace of Eternity in a Box by the legally sanctioned Native American Church. This will allow us to more in-depth describe the functions of our plants and will also allow us to use the term ‘medicine’ the way see think it should be used (to describe plants and the qualities they carry!). There is also a very real possibility of us being able to host Ceremony and Ritual involving sacred plants, as these practices are legally protected by Native American Church members.
  • Be ready for lots of new plants…! This one is a given to some extent, but we’re including it in our list due to the enthusiasm with which we are pursuing this goal with. We hope to stock 20-50 new plants in 2014, as well as to keep stocked up with all the herbs we already offer. Expect new Teacher Plants, new Traditional Medicine Herbs, new Ritual and Ceremony Plants, more Restorative Foods and even a new category altogether! It’s always exciting to consider all the new plants which we can share existence with…We love being near plants!

This sums up the root of our current Goal List, new ideas and goals will be shared with you all soon through our blog, so keep in touch friends!  🙂


-Written by Eternity Zach, pondered upon by all the Eternity Crew!

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Nature’s Wrath and New Beginnings

Hello everyone..! Eternity Zach here to describe in depth our recent conundrum. As well as to reveal the beauty which was achieved prior to the destruction.


As many of you know we host our business out of St. Louis through the winter, and out in the southern MO woods in the summer. This year we really went all out making our Middle-o-the-Woods office into something spectacular. Hosted out of a  huge heavy-duty army tent, our facility featured climate control devices, a light-proof closet, an impressive set of shelves holding all of our herbs in Glass jars, a packaging station equipped with high quality scales and bags of every size, 2 computer devices, a printer and lots of file folders for record keeping etc.

Most of the investment served to keep the plants in an ideal climate as to minimize aromatic degradation (keeping out light and keeping stable temperatures is very important for keeping your herbs fresh!). But we also took the necessary measures to maximize the spiritual essence in the plants.

We were very conscious about keeping all electronics and electricity far away from the plants themselves because we believe in respecting the frequencies held by these sacred herbs. Keeping magnetic and electrical equipment away from the plants was a measure to maximize the plants vibrational profundity.


The blessings were many and everything was rolling smoother than imaginable. Life however always proceeds towards change, the great path of occurrence always keeps us guessing!


Our giant office tent bared just fine through all of the weather nature threw at it, that is until I (the owner and primary work horse) was out of town for a family emergency.

When I returned it was obvious immediately that nature had decided it was time for Eternity to experience some struggle! A storm with high winds toppled the tent over (despite it being extremely secure through previous storms), leaving the contents exposed to the elements. And while the elements provide us many beautiful sights usually, unfortunately on this occasion the wrathful side of nature took the lead.


The shelves were all turned over, most likely at the same time as the tent was overturned. This caused almost every jar to become either cracked or shattered due to the weight of the shelves landing on them….and well the water did the work from there! It only takes a night of rainfall to turn exposed leaves and flowers into a puddle of mush it seems 🙁

And our paper documents and computers? What do you think happened to those poor resources? Destructive madness is what happened.

Wah wah waaah! Quite a bummer for us here. Not only did this devastate our business investment, but it was also very sad to see so many sacred and medicinal herbs gone to waste. But in a sense I suppose nothing is ever wasted, the Earth which we love so much got quite a meal of decomposed plant matter that week! Hopefully new medicines and blessings grow forth in that spot.


So what now?

Piecing the pieces back together, slow steps towards rebuilding, prayers for renewal and apologies to you all…!

We are very sorry to be limited in our selection, but we are already working to get back to where we were. Within a month or two we should be just about fully re-stocked 🙂 Until then we hope that you will bare with us and keep us in your prayers.


Our ambition to help you all to have the herbs you need to develop and heal spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically hasn’t lessened whatsoever. In fact this event has further fueled our purpose and helped us to realize what we need to do to make this world a better place. We are confident that by the time we are re -stocked Eternity in a Box will be more than it ever was before! This down time has helped me to see the path of where we are meant to take this company, and I’ve got a beautiful vision in mind which i didn’t fully understand before.

Our customers have been very accepting of these troubled times, and we hope that you will be too! Any suggestions, plant requests or even just kind supportive words are very welcome here 🙂  We are going to rebuild our company in a way which is particularly conducive to your well-being and harmonious development. Please help us to achieve this by providing your input!  (

Also welcome any questions and will gladly tend to your concerns regarding this transition. Even though the situation is stressful for us we assure you that all is well overall. Please feel free to email us with any questions or call us.


We already have quite a few herbs on the way to us now. By next week our selection should already be ripening once more, and within a month we hope to be back to our full momentum.


Always there are blessings when you look unbiasedly. Despite the struggles we know in our hearts that we will be granted a path towards beautiful renewal and blessed potentials. We’ve got plenty of surprises in store for you all through this next year, we hope very much that you will be a part of this transition with us 🙂


Wishing you all so many blessings and potentials for healing,

Zach of Eternity (owner of EiaB)

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Working with the Customers

Some of our customers have been working with us to Wild Harvest local medicinal herbs 🙂
This is a great project which we  will be describing more in-detail very soon through our email newsletter!
One customer harvested us 4 pounds of Chamomile Flowers in Oregon, and another got us 1 kilogram of Usnea in New Mexico!
It feels great to create this family network and to be able to help our customers by providing work.
We’ve been doing barter as well which is very cool.
More info on this soon…Join the Mailing list!
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3 Days Left Until the Solstice

We’ve got 3 days left until the Solstice…! The energy is rising to its peak, and soon we will begin the decline into the time of Yin dominance. The summer solstice is the equivalent ‘High noon'(also the equivalent to the full moon…See m…y diagram in our photos if you’d like more info about energy cycles!) of the year energetically speaking, and is the most full and active that this energy cycle reaches.
Anyhow, (for those of you who read through that, here’s the gift ha) we send discounts to our email subscribers regularly….But we’ve decided to let our non-subscribers in on this for the remaining few days.
Our current coupon code is ‘herbs’ celebrating the expansion of Eternity in a Box into the world of medicinal herbs! Enter this code at checkout and receive 10% off your whole order.
The coupon only works until the solstice though, so act quick if you’d like the discount! 🙂