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Pattern Recognition and Neurochemistry

*Pattern Recognition, Pattern Pondering, Patterns Seen*
What do you all feel about Pattern Recognition, in your perceptual experience of life? 

How often do you notice patterns?

Do you fun pondering them?

Are you schizotypally entangled in them?
How does the recognition of patterns correlate to changes in neurochemistry, for you?
Do you ‘get high’ off of synchronicity? Do you overdose from time to time, and lose coherent perceptual formation, due to the over-perceptualization of patterns recognized (mild psychosis)?

Or do you avoid the consumption of such, due to it being silly or superfluous in your perspective?
Life is a profound psychoactive, and One which requires alchemical preparation and proper dosing, to ensure sustainable enjoyment of the high.
Dose as you wish. 

Please be mindful and aware, so as to not overdose. 

But likewise, please treat yourself to some if you are lacking in neurochemical contentment.
Life is your Mind’s Muse.

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Old Age, New Age…

Seekers through time have walked towards harmony and enlightenment, with god-given feet, through struggles and bliss, enduring the road…
The new age seeks to build a hyperdimensional crystal ship to fly to the same destination.
Is this a new (more evolved?) paradigm of enlightenment model? Or a cultural deception, serving to root people into fantastical sci-fi dreams, and detaching them from the reality of the earth, present Here and Now, crying out beneath our feet…
Are you planting star seeds, or earth seeds?

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Personal Power & Mental Programs

You can assign your power away to others. In fact, you may already be doing it…
Does anyone ‘push your buttons’ or ‘make you feel (insert undesirable emotion)’?
You’re not wrong for reacting that way, but please acknowledge and embrace that this is a mental program in YOU, and one which seems inefficient and detrimental.
Want to correct silly mental programs?

Stay tuned, intensely and devotedly-

To each moment and watch as your options present themselves.
There’s an outdoor right by the indoor. But IF you’re in a Hurry to start Feeling a Certain Way I’ll bet you’ll Not notice the out door,

You’ll quickly proceed towards the indoor instead…
Do you see that,

Cycles repeat themselves largely due to our own lack of intervention?
Be as happy as you’d like to be~

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Potentials & Harmony, Magick and/or Selflessness

Some philosophical considerations for you all ??
Something I was thinking about this morning.
Have an amazing day!!!
-Zach of Eternity

*Potentials & Harmony, Magick and/or Selflessness*

If you’re not tapping into, and harmonically communing with, objectively present Potentials, when working to allow Creation to flow through you, but are rather just expressing efforts from within, Then-

You may be engaging reality in a way which is exceptionally less conducive to achieving the results you seek, and in a way which requires exceptionally more effort to achieve those results- if any results are even achieved at all using that technique…

I suggest to you to-
Pick from the fruit of the trees from which you can grasp with ease.

Selfless cultivations yield harmonic results; there is always what we need present here, in the range of tangible potentials, provided by divine outreach.

Climb as you see the branches before you. But climb not to gain, rather to serve as a part of the Beauty of What Is.