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Poem of the Day: We the ones

This is another poem about our inner-potential and the universal indifference of our beauty and power. We are all blessed with divine opportunity to transform this world…

Title: We the ones

And what of we the ones?
The blessed sons,
We crystal rungs?
Us energy players,
Us avid neigh-sayers,
The ones of all,
And none,
Of which are slightly greater.

Written sometime between 2005 and 2008 by me, Eternity Zach πŸ™‚

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Poem of the Day: Inside-Out Paradox Box

This poem is about the inner-truth inherent in us all…wisdom which lies right below the conditionings and hesitancy which we’ve been bred to possess. Let go and experience beautiful truth my friends, the answer is in you!


Title: Inside-Out Paradox Box

Remember to
Forget everything
You Know
-To Understand-

And once you know this,
Don’t forget
To Remember
You Understand


*end of poem*

Written between 2005 and 2007 by me, Eternity Zach πŸ™‚

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Poem of the Day: Harsh Cycle

This is a poem about the imposition of industrial expansion on the well-being of citizens.

Title: Harsh Cycle

People being homeless
Can surely be a problem.
People being homeful
Is surely a problem.

Closing ourselves off from
Each other promotes deviancy
And ego eccentricism.

Not just each other,
But being closed off from
Natural life is
Hash on the mind.

Local parks cannot
Compensate local citizens.
There’s not enough room,
Due to all this industrial

Too much (time spent) inside= Less physical progress
Weaker body= More sickness
More sickness= More inside + More pharmaceuticals
More medicine= More industrial profit
More industrial profit= More industrial expansion
More industrial expansion= Even less natural area…

Harsh Cycle.


Written sometime in 2007 by me, Eternity Zach πŸ˜€

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Poem of the Day: Collective Effort

This is a poem about remembering our unity and changing the world in a harmonious way πŸ™‚


Title: Collective Effort

Might we all do our part
In the holistic effort
Of positive energy correlation.
(How about…)
Collective Prosperity through
Unification and realization
Of inner oneness and wholeness.

Progress toward shared
Understanding and well-being rather
Than individual excess and power.
The need for a global awakening
Of just ethical practices,
And a communally conscious reminder
Of the indifference of all forms,

Draws more urgent by the day.

We’re getting so wrapped up in
The dynamics of ‘our own’ views on things,
That many of us are forgetting that we are
REMEMBER…You and Not an Individual,
YOU Simply Watch the Dream.



Written 3/17/07 by me, Eternity Zach πŸ™‚

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Poem of the Day: Modern Upbringing

Poem of the Day time…! This poem is a social satire pointing out corporate and industrial saturation of our culture. Seems fitting for this time of year, with consumerism at its peak! hehe

Title: Modern Upbringing

We’re done potato-sack racing,
The Brady Bunch is long since cancelled
There is no more harmless family fun…

Our agendas are much too certain,
For any aimless acts.
And yet the paths of our agendas point
Toward meanderism,
But quite a conformed form of such.
For we all know band-wagon tactics
Foster greater yields.

Our sociocultural landscapes have evolved.

Fit the tuxes for the toddlers,
For they’ll need them,
Soon enough.
Bathe the children in goal-orientation.

Purity & Childhood Innocence are
So 19th Century.
Out with the Old,
In with the New.

No need to explain beauty & contentment
To young ones.
They need to learn how to grasp the
Corporate ladder, ASAP.
And when you tire (of) explaining industrial fundamentalism,
Let them watch TV.

written 3/3/07 by me, Eternity Zach πŸ˜€

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Poem of the Day…!

This poem addresses how our habits often hold us back from bringing new potential into our lives. Sometimes the coziness with which we are encompassed when completing the actions we consider to be ‘what we do’ blinds us from the blossoms behind our backs. Turn around and wake up my friends…!


The smoking brew sessions

They connect me to and remind me of my past,

While causing tomorrow to sleep in…


I do hear the echoes here,

I do love the sentiment near,

But will I stay in this hallway,

Listening to what I’ve already heard…?


Tomorrow speaks a foreign word,

But the pressure of the presence might

Sing-a-long absurd.


To turn around and catch sight of the blossoms

To re-access infinity.

Drawing the picture of more than what you can…

Feeling potential rise from the similar sand.


Mundane Fun Insane – Novel Trippy Game

To sing in chord with the moon and rain.

Life is never ever the same…

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Poem of the Day…!

This is a poem intended to inspire your thoughts and fuel your abstraction…enjoy!


Sending descending exploring ignoring

Extending impending allure for sure.

Distance resistance opinions unlisted

Insisted existence of instance…

Assisted expression of awe.


Bent days crossed with solemn law,

Salad sitting like the open jaw…

The solid fitting of fabric unknitting

The emptiness carrying words along

The voices mumble to hum along…


Be it so, see it as it is though-

Formless and possible.

Demanding nothing,

Letting is Be as it Will Be.

Seeing Now,

And Being How the people woke up to the world,

Shining and ready to make the changes necessaryΒ  to heal our world.

-We are both the dreams and the waking world-

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Poem of the Day: Incentive…

Enjoy this Poem of the Day my friends…! It was written recently and is addressing the intentions and incentives behind people’s actions, and the intimidating potential of organized illusions.

This patterns is present on the level of the individual as well as groups…We are always making a change in one way or another, organized or spontaneous.

Titled: Incentive…

As I get older I almost start to wonder,
Just what are these humans up to…?
Some kind of secret plan perhaps,
An arrangement behind closed doors…
Is there somebody with something else in mind?

The wave counter-this
It’s built out of us and our minds.
But what of the sailing flagship in the lead…?
People’ve spent lives to pursue the deed.
Who knows the reasons and who
Is still nibbling on the gimmick token juxtapose…?

In the captain’s quarters decisions are made
In the sheep’s den the games are played
And there’s listeners and there’s speakers
And there’s lots of swollen rules
Then there’s gestures and there’s left-overs
And there’s rainbow colored pools.
Standing here you hear what’s there
Living where you decide to care.
Applying yourself with the ones around you to
Make things happen a certain way.
Sending past before to make the change today.

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Present in the Eternal Now

Poem of the day! And a Good Afternoon greeting from your friends at Eternity in a Box.
Wrote this a few years ago…kind of a paradox mind-boiler of sorts. enjoy!
Present in the eternal Now.
Different than I wasn’t, ever-the
Never the same again again.
Time and time I befriend the end again.
Here from Never, All there forever,
Time and time again,Β  same as its been.
Always I sit with Eternity, always I Am.
Present with Change and
Observing What Can.
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2 cents in Reality is worth Eternity

So i did some writing on my 3 mile walk to the post office this morning (carrying 3 large bags of packages for you good people of course! ha)….I wanted to share this poem I wrote about our role in the bigger picture of existence and our connection to the eternal πŸ™‚Β  Enjoy!

Titled: 2 cents in Reality
A name for a time
A chapter gone defined…
In it, What is it?
Who is it – that you are
Here to Find?

You are the letters that make up the word
You are the color that defines the world.
Yours is the voice which calls out the name
The storyteller he tells of your fame.

And its all here with us now
Even in your silence you speak loud.

To be here and living now
You play the role of a stepping stone…
There in ground, no time around
Serving existence with our form
As a path to pave…

We are the grand archetypes
We are weaving potential’s light
Into the moments that we see come to be.

And we are a part of the infinity
For 2 cents in Reality is worth Eternity.