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More Acacia Root Bark

We have another 10k of both our Finely Shredded and Large Piece Acacia Root Bark specimen on the way!
As usual, PREORDER is available for this shipment and we are already reserving out quite a bit of this new batch…if you’d like some come reserve what you’d like soon, we will have it early next week πŸ™‚

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Organically grown Heavenly Blue Morning Glories

We have 5 kilograms of Organically grown Heavenly Blue Morning Glories on the way now..!
I found a company overseas which has very fresh stock available…quite exciting really!
Our customers have stressed that Fresh is the only way to go with these seeds, so we really put some time into looking for freshness.
Prices will be listed soon and the seeds should be to us within a week or two.
*We have a lot of stuff on the way right now!* I will post another update in just a few minutes…stay tuned (is that the right term? ha i feel like a news broadcaster)
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Herb of the Week is Lavender Flowers!

Herb of the week is Organic LAVENDER FLOWERS….!
This is one of the coolest herbs we carry in my opinion….so bright and relaxing in both aroma and flavor! Great for teas, can be capsulated and consumed as a dietary supplement, or even used in cooking…! (I had some vegan Lavender flower cookies that were mind blowing…!)
All orders will get a free sample of this fine herb πŸ™‚ Already have given out a couple of ounces honestly. Come get some while its still available..!
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Amazonian Ayahuasca herbs being ordered

We are about to order a Lot of Amazonian Ayahuasca herbs!
We will have Chacruna (P. viridis), Chaliponga (D. cabrerena), Caapi leaves and multiple different ‘Colors’ of Caapi vine!
PREORDER will be available soon…and trust me, you guys will dig the quality here. We did a lot of work with this courier last year and the herbs are absolutely top notch!

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Sale on Seed Grown Baby Cacti

We’re having a SALE on our Seed Grown Baby Sacred Cacti! All quantities have been cut down a few dollars πŸ™‚
Tis the season for growing plants, are you bonding with a sacred cactus teacher this year, or are you just growing tomatoes like e…verybody else..?? No really, tomatoes are good too, but cacti are a great addition to any garden!
Its time to make yourself a meditative haven get-away peace garden! A little pool of tranquility to wash away the strains of the day πŸ™‚
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Herb of the Week is Organic Hibiscus Flowers!!

The Herb of the Week for this week is Organic Hibiscus Flowers!Β Β  πŸ™‚
This is one of the most flavorful and bright tasting tea herbs that we carry here at Eternity in a Box.
It’s our pleasure to be giving some for free out to you good people this week!
Hibiscus Flowers make a great addition to any tea blend or are awesome brewed into tea by themselves…Fruity and sweet flavor, very bright and uplifting!
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Herb of the Week is Organic White Willow Bark!

Our herb of the week is Organic White Willow Bark….! The specimen we have is finely shredded and is ideal for brewing into teas.
The traditional use of the herb goes way back, and in more modern time this bark was used to derive and crea…te Aspirin. Drink some tea and be healthy my friends!
It feels good to be providing these new tea herbs. πŸ™‚ The rippling reach of influencing people to get in touch with these traditional healthy teas is very profound. Providing the entheogen plant teachers is where we started, and we are always passionate about providing these, but these teas have a very clean and caring energy as well and the potential to really help people out physically. We are here to help you guys to grow strong and overcome your obstacles, by providing the plant guidance, and the physical aid which you need along the way. These physical harmony teas are really opening up a beautiful path for us and helping us to shed even more positive loving energy into the world.