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Community Outreach & New Tea Blends

Hello all,

This is coming from Eternity Shaina.

There is never a perfect time to make a change. It just happens when it should. So, I am breaking the ice of the mystery of eternity in a box. Why, now? Because I care. I have always cared, but now my heart is so full it is expanding. I feel the need to reach out to my people. The very people I serve as a medicine women. My duty is to protect my community. Nothing makes me happier than helping all that which god resides in.

This past weekend Ripple of Existence held two events in the headquarters of Eternity in a Box: 1. High Vibration Potluck and 2. Mother Divine Tea party

Ripple of Existence is a harmonious market I started a few years back and it just began to develop last year. It’s been almost a year since our first harmonious market at the Kismet Creative Center in St. Louis, where of course Eternity in a Box vends, along with other harmonious artisans, musicians, food, & love!

The High Vibration Potluck is to get together those with similar ideas on what we should consider sustenance for our sacred temple. I requested high vibrational foods and everything that everyone brought was delicious! I am organizing a cook book next time. Why does eating have to be so hard? Let’s figure out how to do this together!

The Mother Divine Tea Party is a calling I had to embrace my divine feminine. I struggled with all kinds of relationships, until I realized I wasn’t being true to myself. We all posses the divine feminine, but what we perceive as such is not really what it actually is. This is a safe place to embrace your divine feminine and drink tea.

I have upcoming workshops at the Ripple of Existence harmonious market each month. I am calling it ‘Eternitea Time‘ where I will be doing a talk and tasting on a new herb each month. The next one in February will be Lavender.

I have been working on a few tea blends which I will be releasing for sale very soon. One of them features lavender and will be at the February market for tasting.

With that said, we are changing Herb of the Week to Herb of the Month. We think that this will allow us time to provide more valuable information regarding the herb of the month.

For those more curious about what tea blends I have been concocting. One was designed to help my friend with bronchitis, another for anxiety, and a third for PMS as well. My mom has requested a tea blend be made for her. That may be ready for next month. If you have any requests, let me know what you think.

This has been a dip into Eternity.

Have a wonderfully weird day!

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Herb of the Week: Jan 22 – 28

Every week we give a different sample with every order.

This week it is White Sage Pieces.


“This is the same White Sage as our Leaf Clusters, but this is the broken leaf bits instead of the clusters attached to stems. This is a great for burning with charcoal or for dropping onto fire as well.”


Learn more about White Sage Pieces.

The Eternity team hopes you enjoy getting to know this new plant and add it to your collection someday!

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Lily Flowers RED *Organic*

Blue Lotus Flowers (Blue Lilly) Nymphaea Carulea *Organic*

The water lily Nymphaea lotus ‘Red’ (sometimes known as N. zenkeri ‘Red’) can be found growing in its native habitat of tropical Africa in bodies of stagnant water ranging in size from lakes to small, temporary pools. It has been without question the most popular species of its genus to be kept in home aquaria. Bulbs and juvenile plants are available far and wide, sometimes for sale under the name ‘Red Tiger Lotus’.

These flowers have been found in Ancient Egyptian tombs as well as Egyptian depictions. Said  to be used to help one to reach transcendent states of consciousness and enter trance-meditative states, but it was likely used as incense and symbolically as well.


Lily Flowers make a great addition to any smoke blend and are great for use in teas as well. Our flowers are absolutely top-notch Lotus specimen, these are sustainably harvested in Thailand and are Organically grown without the use of harmful pesticides. These are very beautiful specimen, and the lessons this teacher provides have been astounding to us here at Eternity in a Box.


As with all of our Teacher herbs, there is much to learn here just by being in the presence of this plant! We recommend meditating beside your plants, possibly atop a meditative alter or as an incense. Lily Flowers can also be consumed, but please be respectful and get to know how this plant affects you before working with too much. Very relaxing effects which are subtly dreamy, but so very ‘connecting’ and coherent.

***These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. ***

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What does the symbology of Eternity in a Box represent…?

What does Eternity in a Box represent symbolically? We get asked this a good amount, and so I’ve decided to provide some insight into the metaphor.

On the surface, the idea of Eternity in a Box represents Forever contained within a Point, or the Eternal being Held. Who holds eternity, where is it held? In You and in Us.

We are connected to the entirety of occurrence by being a functioning member of Existence. Each action which has occurred before us has constructed the medium on which the ‘now’ is painted. And each moment, our energetic exertions unto reality further contribute to tomorrows form.

The Box of Eternity is the vessel in which all possibility is held. By making ourselves aware of our profound role in reality, and by applying our intentions wholeheartedly, we become the conscious holders of Eternity. Honoring the past and doing our part to build tomorrow in love is the role and duty of those at the Crossroads of Eternity. These crossroads are the tangent point from which all possible futures branch and at which all aspects of the past flow unto. By working towards lucidity and clarity of mind we open ourselves up energetically to the fullest potential of our being.

This potential to hold the infinite is at a glance the meaning of Eternity in a Box. But what does that mean in reference to you, and to us here at Eternity in a Box?

We are here to help you to achieve clarity and to transcend your boundaries and limitations. We are here to help our fellows to achieve peace and to truly ripen as beings. Each of our packages is sent with the intention of helping someone or some community to achieve harmony and peace. This refined intention to aid in your development being contained in a package, is another and more literal, living representation of the meaning behind Eternity in a Box.

If you are working to develop yourself and grow as a being, we believe that the plants we provide will help you to achieve true understanding and to access your full potential. With disciplined work toward clarity you will find yourself at the crossroad of Eternity with all possibility within reach. The work is not easy, but that is what the Plant Teachers are here for, to provide us with guidance and encouragement during our travels. This is why Eternity in a Box is the provider of the plant teachers 🙂 And this is why you find a plant teacher in your Eternity Box.

We pray that our work does provide the world with much love, and that the potential for harmonious transformation ripples forth from our interaction with you all!