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Shipped next day after order, came with 14 more seeds than I ordered. I’ve yet to meditate with them, but experiences are subjective and won’t change how pleased I am with my order! I’ll be a returning customer for sure 🙂

Oliver Lee


I couldn’t even begin to express how grateful I am that EB carries this product. I’ve suffered with treatment resistant depression and anxiety for more than half my life. I can’t recall the last time any medicine helped bring me back to life as well as this. Within a few days of beginning taking the herb I felt a very noticeable difference in my motivation and my ability to tolerate the chronic pain I suffer each day and just an increased sense of well-being. I did have a sense of increased mental clarity with this herb. I’m just more excited about its depression fighting affects. I have to add that I have tried every vitamin associated with depression and numerous herbs and therapies. For years I have not had much of any response to the things other people claim make them feel better. I wanted to give up, but couldn’t and I am so glad I didn’t! This is the only place which didn’t have me questioning their legitimacy and product quality, where I’ve been able to find this product. Their prices are also much better. I intend to be a repeat customer for sure!


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