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At Eternity in a Box we are dedicated to helping our local community as well our customers…!

There are various avenues through which we are working to help the world. Not only do we strive to provide plants to those in need, but we want to make the world a better place any way that we can. This intention is what drives our company forward in expansion as well as what decides the placement of our feet on the path of progress.

We are implementing programs to help our customers, and the local businesses and farmers in our area, to make a living and to be a part of the Eternity in a Box movement!


 the Eternity Family Wild Harvesting Project

Here’s some exciting news!
We started a project called Eternity Family Wild Harvesting and it is already in action!
Customers of ours, who we’ve gotten to know and love, are Wild Harvesting herbs for us…this is the dissolution between the boundaries of the buyer/seller duality.

We trade the plants that we carry here at Eternity in a Box, for the plants that are in your backyard…! We will also purchase the herbs wholesale if you are in need of cash!

This is a beautiful way to help to change the world, and we are so very excited to be opening this opportunity to our customers. People really do need plants to help them to heal and to grow and to find peace…each location lies host to a wide array of unique herbs, each with their own properties.

We know  you love to obtain herbs from us, and that you value what these plants offer. And we feel an overwhelming sense of love, fulfillment and harmonious purpose in being here to provide these herbs to you.
The Eternity Family Wild Harvest program is a way for you to experience our side of this equation, a way for you to be able to Give to the World…
By being a part of the Eternity Family, you are directly helping others to have access to the plants that they need.

This program’s intention is to help our customers to prosper, as well as to encourage you all to get in touch with mother nature…! Get out there and see what’s in your woods! 🙂

We are interested in just about EVERY HERB out there…! It’ll be hard for us to turn any plant down! You’d be surprised at just how many common ‘weeds’ and indigenous shrubs have a profound medicinal or spiritual value…! Every plant has a function, please tell us what secrets are in the garden of you life!

The requirements to join the Eternity Family…? Just loving intentions, a positive demeanor, and the ability to positively identify the plant you are harvesting! Not so much to ask is it…? You have what it takes to be a part of our family, and the ripples which you can ‘bring to the table’ will undoubtedly help many people in need.
Take advantage of the fact that YOU are Where You Are! Earth has many gifts available to you in the woods, and there is someone out there who needs some of those gifts. You may be the only individual who has access to that awesome herb in your backyard…Please learn to identify what is around you and see what you can provide.

We have many herbs in our stock all the time, we will gladly work out a good deal to trade your Wild Harvested herbs for any of the plants which we have. If you and your loved ones are in need of money (…sometimes life requires money unfortunately), we will buy the herbs from you! 🙂

Please contact us at for more details, or to talk to us about being a part of the Eternity Family.


****More  info about our other community support programs coming soon….! There’s much more to say!****

26 thoughts on “Community Support

  1. I would like to attend a Ayahuasca ceremony in NYC. Do you have any recommendations?

    1. We do not have any connections to ritual practitioners here in the US unfortunately…!
      Please do assess the energy of the individuals involved before partaking if you do find an event to attend. Any ceremony is a very powerful event in one’s development with or without the presence of plant teachers…Make sure you are surrounded by people who you respect and are comfortable around.

    2. Hello,

      After much research and study, I am ready to experience the Ayahusaca and looking to network with folks in New Jersey or New York area who would like to do the same.

      Please email me on KFAALI@GMAIL.COM


  2. Hi there, I’m not that far away from your neck of the woods, I live in Independence,Mo , which is part of the Kansas city metropolitan complex. I really like your website and your prices are very reasonable. I’d like to know when you will restock hawaiin baby woodrose seeds. This fall I will have thousands of Datura Inoxia seeds. I also might have Phalaris Arundinacea seeds Turkey Red strain,just not in the same amount of Datura. I have a smaller amount of Papaver Somniferum seeds(by the gramthat is). If you are interested in any of my seeds, I would definitely be interested in a situation of store credit or trade. I also may possibly be able to provide small amounts of several strains of mushroom spore prints. Btw, I enjoy your poetry, and am also a poet/guitarist/lyricist/dreamer!!! I look forward to hearing from you.
    Peace and harmony be with you,

    1. Hey Brian, thanks for contacting us…!
      Please message us at to discuss trading more 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words about the art as well.

  3. I am making an order today when you ship it can you do so discreetly and send me the tracking info after you ship thank you

  4. hellow — i am sharon
    i live in western gallilee in israel
    maybe we have here herbs that can do good specifically
    it is intresting what can be of interest

  5. great products and service

  6. hi, my order on the website says cancelled but my credit card says pending. I don’t know if I need to re order or if it just hasn’t gone through yet. please get back to me. Thanks guys!

  7. I have placed 2 orders. if the first order hasn’t been mailed yet can you please cancel it and just mail the one I ordered on the 20th. Thanks Guys!

  8. Received my order od Cebil seeds today. Two things to say … EXCELLENT customer service & EXCELLENT product! Ordered on a Tuesday night, it shipped the next day, and I received my order 2 days later. Tracking info was available the day it shipped. Thank you!

  9. Thank you ” Eternity in a Box”
    I am very pleased with the efficiency and detail given to my order.
    Looking forward to meditating while burning these herbs as incense.
    All the best

  10. I see a lot of comments commending EINAB on their fast shipping and excellent product. I however, have yet to receive my product. I placed my order on the evening of the 13th of march, its now the eighteenth and USPS says they have not received a package from EinaB. I can only surmise that most of these good reviews are people who are local to this shop and/or paid marketing professionals writing good reviews to boost sales.
    I hope when my product finally arrives, its better then the shipping has been. All in all, not satisfied.

  11. Turns out the shipping was a USPS error NOT Eternity in a Box, Thank you EiaB team, you guys are really wonderful. Be safe, Be Love, Peace will follow. Thanks Again!

  12. from non actives like sage/frankincense to THE BEST actives lke the acacia rb, yopo seed, betel nut and amanitas ive ever worked with.. GREAT STAFF, POSTIVE VIBES,

    ~WE ARE ONE~
    have a GRATE day

  13. To all the amazing light workers behind eternity in a box,
    I just received my order of Acacia Confusa Root Bark , some high quality oatstraw , beautiful artwork and the priceless blessings that were sent along. I must say that i am really happy and grateful for everything. I am from India and the shipping took a mere 2 weeks which is very impressive.
    May God bless the entire Eternity team with Divine Love , Light , Power , Abundance and Prosperity.

  14. Hey guys ive been trying to source out Mimosa Hostilis, you guys are my favorite supplier for Shamanic supplies and i would trust your products if a source was found. Peace and Love

  15. A friend of mine recomended me to this wonderful website and i cant stop browsing now! I placed an order before i made an account though and now i cant seem to find any trace for my orders. I have the confirmation in my email and im sure there still being preordered but is there any way of linking the purchases to my account? Nonetheless im looking forward to receiving it and making so many mpre orders! Keep doing what ya do!

  16. Yes, hello n Good Morning to ALL at that amazing place called,!!!!
    I LOVE the vibes n energy!!
    I have question, for me n my CLOSE SMALL TRUSTING N LOVING FRIENDS!!!
    Yes, I was wondering if 1-2 lbs of The Sacred San Pedro Cactus IS ENOUGH for a REAL Native Spiritual session/ritual? Of course, for more than just one individual?,

  17. So off the top of my head plants I grow/ harvest outta my own yard/neighborhood.,include beach morning glory, both seed pods and flowers, fairy ring mushrooms, morchella mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, turkey tail mushrooms, blewits and much much much more,! Also peppermints spearmint, nicotiana Alba and tobaccum, true morning glory, hops of my own vines, skullcap ,marshmallow, and a whole lot more!!!!!!!! I would love to trade you guys /keep ya supplied with the coolest herbs outta the Rocky mountains,!
    Andrew Stauffer

  18. Do you accept cash?

    1. We will accept cash order, but only at the risk of the sender. If it is lost in the mail we can’t be held accountable. We suggest Money Orders for discreet mail purchases.

  19. When exactly can I expect you to have the 1kg of finely shredded acacia available for pre-order? I would love to get an E-mail notification or just be alerted, or even have a single unit reserved… is there any means by which I can do this?

    I have already reached out in the support section of this site and have yet to hear a response.


    1. Hey friend! Just responded to your ticket, i’m happy to correspond there!

  20. Lovely, no worries. I’m looking to order real soon, but have one more question: when ordering with paypal as the method of payment, can I split a large portion of it from a credit source, and the rest from debit(b-account).

    (March 19th ticket)


    1. I am not positive if that is doable on the Paypal settings, but may be. On our website you cannot split an order, but you might be able to through Paypal. Sorry I can’t answer more specifically.

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