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10x Syrian Rue Extract PEGANUM HARMALA

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This is a listing for an EXTRACT made using our Organic Syrian Rue seeds shown pictured here 🙂

Our Syrian Rue extract is 10x in potency by weight and is produced using natural and organic methods! This extract is natural resin that has been powdered for ease of use. Great for encapsulating or can be added to smoothies etc.


Peganum Harmala, commonly called Syrian Rue, is an herb native to the Mediterranean region and eastward across India. The seeds can produce a sought after dye called ‘Turkish Red’ because of their natural pigments. It was introduced into the United States in the early 1900s by a farmer growing them in New Mexico. Since then they have spread invasively up along the western coast of the US and have reached as far north as Montana.

These seeds have been used in ritual and as an incense for thousands of years. They contain Harmala and Harmaline, which have an inactivating effect on the MAO enzymes in the body. Because of this these seeds were traditionally used in conjunction with DMT containing plants to produce visions and transcendental experiences.

This combination is relative to the same alchemy which activates the Chacruna leaves when used in conjunction with B. Caapi, the legendary Ayahuasca brew of the Amazon.

This extract is suitable for consumption but please be careful! The harmala alkaloids present cause drastic changes in the way the body processes various chemicals found in foods and drugs… harmala alkaloids can be very dangerous and even deadly in combination with pharmaceuticals or alcohol.

2 reviews for 10x Syrian Rue Extract PEGANUM HARMALA

  1. Makenzy Moore

    SO happy with my purchase!! Very powerful teacher plant. Be respectful when meeting 🙂

  2. Mark Priest (verified owner)

    Entirely Impressed!
    Quality & Refinement exactly as stated.
    Search done, this is the one.?

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