Trichocereus Bridgesii Cactus Cutting ‘Bolivian Torch’

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Mature Sacred Cactus Cuttings, such an honor to have these available to you all!

*Pictured here is our San Pedro, our Bridgesii are similar looking but they have big cool looking spines!!*

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We decided to adjust our Cacti listing for purchase by Weight rather than simply for individual cuttings. The width of cacti vary much, so to order by ‘1 ft cutting’ as most San Pedro suppliers do leaves the customers benefit at the whim of the supplier. The Weight of a cactus is always a consistent measure of specimen size, so this seems more applicable and fair.

Our cuttings are all 8-24in long. Depending on how much weight you purchase we will supply either a single large cactus or several smaller ones to total the weight you ordered.*


We are so excited to have a source for San Pedro, Peruvian Torch and Bridgesii cuttings! These are absolutely top quality specimen, robust, healthy and vibrationally dense. Bridgesii is particularly cool to have here at Eternity, high quality Bridgesii specimen are pretty hard to come by…and we are proud of the specimen we have available for you all!

This listing is for Bridgesii cactus cuttings, they are slightly thinner than our San Pedros and Peruvian Torches, but they are equally as profound in essence 🙂

The price of these cuttings also cover Priority Speed shipping..! Don’t worry about paying extra for Priority speed if you have any cacti in your cart, we will upgrade you for free 🙂


These cuttings will root sufficiently and quickly if given care and a nice pot of cactus soil. The new growth will expand quickly once the roots take hold in the growing medium, you can get 12″ a year or more in ideal conditions. A cactus garden can easily become very massive if you are harvesting cuttings and re-rooting them in new pots…a single cactus cutting can become a whole forest of cacti in a few years if cared for correctly and are properly re-rooted.


Info about Sacred Cacti’s Traditional use:



These cacti are used as a blood detoxifier by natives as well as tool for spiritual guidance. There is much spiritual reverence for these plants by the native people who live among them.
The traditional ritual use for both of these cacti is similar and commonly involves ingestion in the form of an ‘infusion’ or tea, often overnight, and generally under the guidance of the elders or shaman.
A very good book describing the Shamanic practice of learning from sacred cacti and applying their medicine properties is Wizard of the Four Winds: a Shamans Story by Douglas Sharon. It is very expensive online by specialty book sellers (may be affordabel if you look around), but it is a great read for those interested in the actual specifics of Peruvian San Pedro Shamanism.



2 reviews for Trichocereus Bridgesii Cactus Cutting ‘Bolivian Torch’

  1. Dan (verified owner)

    Great specimen, gotta admit I had my doubts on it’s authenticity even though you guys never cease to amaze me, but once again, amazed. A++

  2. Connor (verified owner)

    this cacti has been a fascinating time for me from before i even got it. I planted it using a neighbors worm castings that was in my back yard for sometime in a bag under some other plants as well as some potting soil that i got from the store that says it is used to grow cacti. its now in my bedroom and iv meditated beside it and looked at it and felt it, it is really totally nice. the thorns/pricks on it are really long and when i look at it in the sunlight there are really nice browning golden colors exposed that has a rainbow touch to it i take its beauty in enjoy it and feel humbled by it. thank you for the really simple and green cacti eternity in a box.

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