Amanita Muscaria Grade A- Washington State Caps ‘Fly Agaric’

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Washington State Amanita Muscaria mushrooms are the most sought after of the specimen, you will be pleased!


****Big news update! Have you seen our new Czech Amanita caps??! They’re the coolest new muscaria in town. We’ve still got plenty of our famous Washington caps available, but we’re honored to now have a second variety available for you all! Come check em out!****  Click Here to See our New Czech Amanita Muscaria Caps


This is the end of our 2021 Harvest Washington AM stock!


A- Grade Amanita Muscaria caps are the same exact wonderful and aromatically potent mushrooms that comprise our selection of A+ mushrooms. The difference is that  A- caps are sometimes discolored or are broken small cap pieces. These are less magnificent looking than our A+, but still the same mushrooms overall, so the aromatic qualities are equivalent. The difference in quality is purely Aesthetic. Some A- cap pieces are brilliant colors, others are more dull, the intact mushroom caps in the A- grade will be dull colored…as opposed to the brilliant colors found in the A+ listing.



Absolutely beautiful cap specimen and no stems!

It’s always an honor for us to have Amanita Muscaria available for those in need. This plant has taught us so much here at Eternity in a Box and is a a teacher which we hold in the highest of regards.

These were used traditionally in Siberian shamanism. They also have a common mythical connotation in stories such as Alice in Wonderland, and are often used as a symbol for ‘otherworldiness’ in illustration. Read about the roots of the Santa Claus tradition in relation to these mushroms, ha pretty mindblowing stuff.

Not for human consumption! 

11 reviews for Amanita Muscaria Grade A- Washington State Caps ‘Fly Agaric’

  1. leafmonger (verified owner)

    The heat of thousand suns reigns through these messengers of healing.

  2. leafmonger (verified owner)

    The spirit within this most sacred herb is profound as they are grand messengers of our Father our Sun to dwell with it’s spirit is knowledge and that knowledge grows roots of their wisdom, respect and learn it’s place in our lives, how people of all backgrounds( all are people of the drum) to the first of us who searched out it’s sacred wisdom so we may know, and all we know is of our ancestors they are the ones the most knowledgeable yet their knowing comes from grand messengers. Praise to The Highest, Praise to our Ancestors, may The Sun, The Mother and The most sacred Night dwell with us here and after.~Gonalshcheesh~

  3. kylesan25 (verified owner)

    Haven’t received these yet, but I can say that the customer service is amazing. I cannot wait to give my full opinion on the product.

  4. kylesan25 (verified owner)

    Just received these today and all I can say is, these look amazing they smell amazing, and the free sample is a really positive gesture. I can also say I was stunned by the beautiful artwork that was included with this. I will cherish it always my good friends. thank you all for these fine specimens. P.S. the free sample will not go unused I can assure you. 🙂

  5. John_Derwood (verified owner)

    A+ Customer service! EiaBB has a really responsive and helpful team.
    As for the Amanitas, these specimens are potent teachers of chilling heat, providing me with a refreshed perspective through meditation. I will try different varieties from EiaBB in the future.

  6. Glenda (verified owner)

    I’m taking them for chronic pain. Not only are they working they give me a mood elevation. I was able to enjoy a picnic. I’ve tried all of the AMA’s pain pill and they have not helped. They have given me back my life. Thank you.

  7. Glenda (verified owner)

    I have been taking and at first I approached her job at as a set of chemicals that could be very beneficial but as I have been taking it two weeks now her teaching has come forward. I have meet my shadow and accepted it in a realaxed way. I have learned a lot about myself and my husband of 35 years. I’m glad she has finally come forward. Now I can approach things from a compromise instead of trying to get the outcome I wish. Ty Aminita Mascara. Ty Zack.

  8. Glenda (verified owner)

    I love my mushrooms. Thank you so much for bringing the master herb to me.

  9. George (verified owner)

    Not truly a review yet, as I have yet to receive, but rather a question. Of course, not that I will consume these caps, but rather out of curiosity, would these caps happen to contain much ibotenic acid? Or would these come parboiled? Of course, you know, for curiosity…

    • Eternity in a Box

      Hey friend,
      Our amanita are Not parboiled, they are dried at 85-95F 🙂
      Hope this answers your question!

  10. Andrew (verified owner)

    Superb! Amazing business very pleasant to deal with extremely fast shipping and customer service. The Washington A amanita were breathtaking. I can see what they mean by A plus they were rediculous in terms of beauty and flawlessness, as well in their potency and flavor!!!!! Tried Latvian as well which were not near as superb as the Washington a plus! (Yet still very good!) It was great to have these at Christmas time

  11. Fenrir (verified owner)

    Great specimens for a great price, i feel the humble amanita is often a very overlooked teacher it has a spirit which cant truly be compared to anything else, i would say to encounter it is very worthwhile. I prefer to let it subtely influence my ideas most of the time but when the time is right there is much to be learned by allowing the flood gates to swing open.

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