Amanita Muscaria Grade A² (A Squared) Washington State Caps ‘Fly Agaric’

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Washington State Amanita Muscaria mushrooms are the most sought after of the specimen, you will be pleased!


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These A² caps are available in only a very limited quantity! Our standards for the A² rank are very stringent, so only very few caps are given the title. These make an absolutely amazing gift and are ideal for display on a spiritual altar or sacred space.
Please limit your purchase to 2 ounces or less (per purchase) so that more people can experience these fine specimen! If you are very much interested in 3 or more ounces please email us and we will see what we can do for you.


We are now offering a variety of grades of Washington state caps to provide a price spectrum to customers….The A squared is the top of the top picks.


With A² Grade you get….Brightly colored, fully intact beautiful caps which are legendarily stunning in aesthetic splendor.

There will never be more than thin cracks when you receive your A² caps, this is assured by packaging them in air-tight vacuum pouches. 🙂

(*we package them completely intact, but mail-handling can occasionally cause minor cracks on the outer edges with particularly delicate caps)

These also weigh a little over the specified quantity, because we do not add shake or broken caps to even the weight. You will have~28-32g (per oz) of the most finely preserved specimen available on the planet! Our A² caps come sealed in air-tight bags to make sure that they make it through shipping without damage.


Very pretty ranging from golden orange tones to bright red… Absolutely beautiful specimen! No stems or shake!


Washington State amanita muscaria are often considered the most desired strain of Muscaria mushrooms.


These were used traditionally in Siberian shamanism. They also have a common mystical connotation in stories such as Alice in Wonderland, and are often used as a symbol for ‘otherworldiness’ in illustration. Read about the roots of the Santa Claus tradition in relation to these mushrooms, lol pretty mind-blowing stuff.

Not for human consumption! These contain muscimol, a powerful psychedelic/delerient chemical.

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Weight .1 g

6 reviews for Amanita Muscaria Grade A² (A Squared) Washington State Caps ‘Fly Agaric’

  1. Kodi (verified owner)

    Beautiful just like in the picture, not squeezed in package full perfect caps:)

  2. Coz the Shroom

    This particular ally is greatly misunderstood by many, and has been my own personal ally for longer than I have even used it as such, simply because of it’s symbolic value, striking appearance and it’s cultural and spiritual significance. Shamanism is a term used very broadly in most circles, but has in fact a more specific meaning referring to the spiritual journeys taken by Siberian Shaman, to whom this was their foremost ally. Disappointment in the Soma mushroom is based on a poor understanding of pharmacology. First, the primary (but not the only) pharmacological action is that of a dissociative, not of a seretonergic psychedelic. Simply put this is more like a psychedelic animal tranquilizer than what people expect from “magic mushrooms.” The only other dissociative botanicals are Salvia Divinorum and Ibogaine, both of which are established heavyweights. Effects include euphoria– or more like a spiritual state of elation and knowledge, a sense of detachment from the body, very pleasant physical sensations, and other well established effects such as synesthesia and cosmic awareness. Eternity in a Box provides the best specimens of one of the most potent strains at easily half the price of other suppliers. I am very glad I took the chance as to whether these were indeed as authentic as claimed– they are the most potent specimens I have yet studied… Fears of sickness and nausea are usually due to residual levels of ibotenic acid in these mushrooms. While heating them is a common way to decarbolize ibotenic acid into muscimol, heating can also destroy some of the muscimol. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun does the job just as well as heating, so a sun tea would be theoretically possible for an individual who would be inclined to ignore warnings that these are not meant for human consumption. SWIM has mentioned that they never had a breakthrough experience prior to making sun tea.
    An empty stomach is also essential sometimes– but everyone’s body is different. Most specimens provide a mild experience at around four grams and a shamanic level of experience at around seven grams– but these have proven shamanic at four grams and that is nice indeed. Even nausea and vomiting, when present, is only a minor side effect compared to the kind of nausea and vomiting caused by alcohol. The few times Amanita muscaria has caused vomiting, it was the least unpleasant vomiting I have ever experienced, with any discomfort vanishing immediately upon chucking! I think a tolerance to this side effect can be built up over time, as well. Lying still can put you to sleep and take you to a mystical realm of wondrous dreams, but if one remains active and awake its full effect as an ideal intoxicant is quite wonderfully manifest.

  3. Mac Peace (verified owner)

    These mushrooms are top notch! They arrived in PERFECT condition.

    I would like to share a few of the tips/tricks I learned while working with this plant. My experience was profound.

    – Stay in the rhythms of your being and your environment. Slow down and sync up.

    – Hold the light! (you’ll know what I mean) Let go of everything until all that is left to do is hold the light.

    – If your feeling stuck/low, then call upon the energy of the sun and charge your being with it.

    – Always remember the sounds around you – you must expand to encompass all sensory input in order to have a “breakthrough” experience.

    – Hold the ‘light’ all the way into yourself – if negative thoughts enter just allow them to move through you. You are releasing long-held beliefs that have held you back from experiencing your true perfection. Just allow them to pass and stay centered/focused on the light/love that is always available to you. (“It is not your job to seek out love, but all the barriers you have built up against it.”)

    – I AM grateful for who I AM! I love myself fully. I AM in complete alignment with the Most High.

    – I AM in perfect alignment with God’s will. I AM God … and yes, you truly are 🙂

    – And remember, it’s fun!

    Thanks Eternity in a Box!

  4. Dylan

    I was very hesitant ordering these for many reasons. Package arrived very quickly and the customer service was amazing (requested a tracking number and provided it within the hour), was amazed by the visual quality of the product. Nice whole samples and large at that. Product is high quality, well packaged and service was great. What more can you ask? I enjoyed my experience so much that I bought twice as much as I did before. Will be recommending. and will be returning! Keep up the excellent work Eternity in a box

  5. Enlightened (verified owner)

    They came in two days and were just as pictured. Each of the bags was over an ounce, very happy with the quality will definitely be a returning customer. =)

  6. Loki

    About a couple of months ago I ordered similar quality shrooms. I’m not really into the whole mycology thing, but I learned a lot from my study of these widely misunderstood organisms. I do enjoy my microscope. Thank you fine people for allowing me the opportunity to study these. They’re going to think you hired me, you know?

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