Amanita Muscaria Grade C+ European Czech Caps ‘Fly Agaric’


This listing is for broken, discolored, drier or older Czech Amanita muscaria caps from the same source as our other Czech Amanita.

C+ grade Amanita Muscaria caps! Broken pieces, more discolored, older and less fresh; this is our discount Amanita Muscaria listing. C+ Amanita Muscaria are from the same Czech source as our revered A+ and A- Czech caps.


The difference between these, the Washington mushrooms, and the European Latvia mushrooms are extremely significant. They are all wonderful teachers in their own ways, the Czech tend to be very energizing and otherworldly feeling in their vibration, they also seem to be more aromatically potent. The Latvia are very grounded and peaceful in their energy, providing a very versatile and comfortable vibration. The Washington are the most grounding and can be overpowering in their strong vibrations, yet provide a very warm sensation of love when near them.


Very pretty ranging from orange/yellow to bright red 🙂 Absolutely beautiful cap specimen, though the Czech specimen tend to break during shipment as they are Very fragile and thing/delicate beauties.

It’s always an honor for us to have Amanita Muscaria available for those in need. This plant has taught us so much here at Eternity in a Box and is a a teacher which we hold in the highest of regards.

These were used traditionally in Siberian shamanism. They also have a common mythical connotation in stories such as Alice in Wonderland, and are often used as a symbol for ‘otherworldiness’ in illustration. Read about the roots of the Santa Claus tradition in relation to these mushrooms, pretty mindblowing stuff.

Not for human consumption! 

Weight.1 g


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