Betel Nuts (Areca catechu)


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Areca Catechu is a type of palm tree which grows in the tropical Pacific, Asia, and on the eastern coast of Africa. The nuts, commonly referred to as betel nuts are traditionally chewed for their stimulating properties.

While no caffeine is within the nuts, the compound Arecoline, also a central nervous system stimulant, provides a noticable increase in awareness as well as a sense of well-being. These seeds are generally less jittery of a stimlant than caffeine 🙂

While not too common in the USA, these nuts are very commonly used in India and eastern Asia. They are sometimes consumed, sometimes smoked, but most commonly used as a chew mixed with activated lime (calcium hydroxide). The lime is highly alkaline and allows for the arecoline to be absorbed by the mouths membranes more readily.

We get our betel nuts imported directly from India. are naturally grown and harvested with love 🙂 Potency is at its prime, received fresh and stored properly.

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