Black Cohosh Root *Organic*


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Native Americans have used Black Cohosh  for over 200 years! Traditionally, the root has been used to treat symptoms of menopause, premenstrual syndrome(PMS), acne, osteoporosis, and sometimes starting labor in pregnant women.

Even today Black Cohosh Root is still used for treatment of many menstrual symptoms, and being a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals is far healthier. Pharmaceuticals that relieve menstrual symptoms are hard for ones body to process, and always seem to have so many possible side affects! It’s time to start using the natural medicines our mother nature is offering!

Black Cohosh Root can be brewed into a tea. Everyone’s body is different, please be respectful and approach the plant slowly. Start with a small amount so you can see how it effects you. Don’t use Black Cohosh Root if you are pregnant, as it can induce labor in pregnant women.

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