CBD Flower Buds ‘Lifter’ strain *LEGAL Hemp*


Top Buds from LEGAL ‘Industrial Hemp’ Cannabis plants 🙂

*Lab Analysis will be included with every order and will be posted online soon*

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We CANNOT ship CBD products to Ohio, Alabama, Idaho, Nebraska, West Virginia, Kansas or South Dakota! (these states have unique laws which prohibit this plant, we will adjust this as laws change, and if you feel this info is incorrect let us know an we’ll gladly assess)

We are proud to be offering 100% Legal CBD Cannabis flowers!!

This listing is for beautifully trimmed and cured buds of the ‘Lifter’ strain.

These have been lab-tested an verified as containing Less Than the legal limit of THC, see the lab results for yourself in the pics! These are legal as of the singing of 2013 Farm Bill, which legitimizes ‘Industrial Hemp’ and distinguishes this from ‘psychoactive cannabis’. The act specifically states that the Delta-9 THC % of the dried plant matter must be Less Than .3%, our buds are less than .3%, coming up as ‘undetectably low’ after lab analysis.

A link to Sec 7606 of the Farm Bill can be found HERE for anyone interested in seeing the government write-up.

Even though it is completely legal to buy/trade CBD hemp flowers, we understand that its still a ‘gray area’ due to conflicting federal legislation. Because of this we take Every Measure to ensure we are handling these flowers safely so as to ensure safe and discreet delivery. Our CBD buds will come cleanly packaged in Vacuum Sealed bags to ensure there is no questionable odor coming from your package. We’ll also include a printed copy of the Lab Results as an additional measure to provide verification to any interested party that these buds are totally legal 🙂


Maximum purchase per order is 1 oz. Do not order more than this per order please!

Also please consult our list of Restricted States  at the top of this page. DO NOT order CBD Buds if you are in one of those states please!! We CAN take orders Paid For by a customer in those states, but we Cannot Ship to any of those states! Feel free to purchase and send to a friend in a legal state of course, but please do not order and expect us to ship to any of those states, because we will not do so. We will check the laws in any state which we get an order from, to ensure there are no updates which would disqualify us from shipping there… as stated above, we are taking every measure to keep our customers safe! 🙂


Our buds come from a state-licensed Hemp Farm and are grown with strict procedures to ensure a clean end product suitable for human use!


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