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Celastrus Seed Oil *Organic*

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Celastrus seeds are a profound Cognitive Enhancer and are effective in aiding Memory Recall.

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We are super excited to be able to offer to you all Organically processed cold-pressed Celastrus Oil! This oil is pressed from the Celastrus Paniculatus seeds and is of the highest quality! We are selling this oil in amber vials which come with a dropper. 1 Dropper full is sufficient for a single dose, or between 1/8 and 1/4 of a tsp. More can be used depending on how your body reacts and what your desired result is  🙂


The effects are similar to that of celastrus seed, but way more potent. The memory and cognitive performance enhancing qualities are very profound with this oil and the effect occurs much more quickly than when eating the seeds. This is a great alchemical oil to have on hand!

Our Celastrus Oil is made from the same Amazing Quality seeds which we offer in our Celastrus seed listing…You won’t be disappointed!



Celastrus Oil is pretty hard to find in the modern market. Most people who do offer it are not offering Organically processed Oil, and they are still charging an average of $20 for 1 fl oz, and no discount on larger amounts! At Eternity in a Box we have available organic Celastrus Oil of the highest quality and we are bringing it to you for a much more reasonable price!  😀


Information about Celastrus Paniculatus

Celastrus Paniculatus, commonly called the Intellect Tree is a climbing vine native to India. The seeds of this plant have a history of medicinal use in Ayurveda and were used to treat a variety of ailments. The most well-known application of these seeds is in the treatment of memory decline. These seeds were also used to help with other ailments such as asthma, headaches, physical fatigue and more.

Celastrus seeds, and Celastrus Seed Oil are considered nootropics – Meaning that they specifically act on the brain in a way which helps cognitive performance. Not only can these seeds help to sharpen the memory, but also they can help one’s consciousness to become more aware and lucid.


Why Eternity in a Box Celastrus seeds are superior…

Firstly and foremost, our Celastrus seeds are Organically grown and Way Fresh! These were harvested very recently and were grown in ideal conditions. The quality of Celastrus seeds is somewhat relative to how oily the seeds are, as many of the healthy and cognitive enhancing compounds are located in these oils. This stock of Celastrus is particularly oily compared to the norm, this is why we chose these seeds for our store.


Why Celastrus Paniculatus is a great herb to have around…

In today’s world, filled with fast-pace transit, long work hours, tedious jobs, mind-dulling media, nutrient-depleted foods, contaminated water and angry people we now more than ever need the help of Restorative Food plants. The amount of information we are exposed to, and the rate at which the info comes to us is faster than ever before on our planet. This modern world has got our brains in over-drive trying to catch up and process all the data into useable ideas and knowledge.

Celastrus Paniculatus is particularly valuable in regards to helping our over-worked brains! The cognitive boost that this plant blesses us with, as well as the memory enhancement it provides seem to be something of a missing element in our lives. It seems like everyone is consuming stimulants (caffeine, crazy energy drinks, etc) in an effort to keep up with the fast-paced world we’re in, only to wind up more tired and depleted at the end of the day.

Plants like Celastrus can help us to transcend this repetitious Worn out to Charged up cycle by providing Cognitive Enhancement without the overbearing and taxing physical stimulation. These seeds can help one to be eye-to-eye with the dizzying information hyperdrive that the modern world is subjecting us to.


What do I do with these seeds…just eat them?
Our Celastrus Paniculatus seeds are ready to consume as-is. Consuming them after thoroughly chewing is the most popular method of ingestion, but they are also suitable for use in teas and in the preparation of tinctures.

The common amount that people eat per serving is 10-15 seeds, we recommend 13 as this is the number which represents completion and renewal 🙂
Though as with any herb, it is always best to start with a very small amount to assess how your own body is going to react to the plant. It is a good idea to try eating 1-5 seeds your first time, in case your body is particularly sensitive to the effects.

We wish you many blessings and harmonious progression…! May these seeds aid you in your quest to find peace and true awareness 🙂


***These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. ***

13 reviews for Celastrus Seed Oil *Organic*

  1. dr.gnosis (verified owner)

    This oil is excellent! Less bitter than plain seeds. Works wonderfully for mental acuity and memory.

  2. Ryan (verified owner)

    Superb quality oil at a great price!

  3. Jake (verified owner)

    Wonderful product, finest quality. Great for cognition and memory

  4. Einar (verified owner)

    Exellent product. The effect was very fast and gave great mental clarity all day long. Easy to do what needs to be done instead of thinking about it. Also worked throughout the night, being very awake in my dreaming. Superfast delivery and a great little gift.

  5. mr29erss (verified owner)

    This oil is super potent. I love it, especially when I need a quick mental boost. Highly recommend this product!

  6. Luke (verified owner)

    This seed oil is strong indeed. One dropper full and I feel immediate effects. Instantly I am more concentrated and focused.

  7. Greg (verified owner)

    Very effective in boosting academic performance and mental clarity. Taken in the morning, it even lasts well into the night, making my dreams very vivid, which definitely is an added bonus I did not know about when purchasing. One of the most effective nootropics and it is completely natural, I recommend to anybody who wants to experience these effects.

  8. Robert

    These seed you guys sell are great high quality 10 of them and brain fog is gone ! Sorry to say found them a lot cheaper on e-bay and bought my 2nd batch oops I was so disappointed they were full of so many bugs you could watch the bag move! Wish I had stuck with you for my 2nd batch! lesson learned costumerof ETERNITY IN A BOX foreternity.

  9. Irayida

    Super impressed by this seed oil, not much of a fan of its taste, but that’s how it goes. I enjoy the effects of its mental boost/ decreased brain fatigue and hope that it will continue in aiding my memory. Does seem to influence dream vividness and recognition.

  10. Zack

    Great seeds. Very nice energy and motivation boost for me!

  11. sativarg (verified owner)

    I did not know what to expect from this oil. It is not unpleasant when dropped directly on my tongue. I shook well and tried 1/4 dropper and waited. Then another 1/2 dropper an hour later. When I received the order I also received some red maca root powder. As soon as I opened the box the maca root aroma took me to some thing I knew. I just knew I knew that sweet smell. A few hours after I had taken the first drops of celastrus seed oil I decided to try some Maca tea. When I opened the bag I was taken to Daubers Drug Store, in front of me a vanilla malt. LOL Malt, that was the connection. How long has it been… Then I saw the bubble gum machine at Harvey’s Malt Shop in Mascoutah… The swirly gum balls got you a prize there. Wow I proceeded down many paths that evening and night. Some sad some disturbing but most a joy. Thanks for the Memories… :^)

  12. Aaron

    Elegantly packaged and a beautiful, exceptional product. The seeds themselves are exquisite. Not for culinary purposes–don’t cook with these. They taste like spicy aspirin. Not the effect they elicit is a profound state of focus and concentration, a relaxing stimulation, a sharpening of the contours of perception. Don’t expect a psychoactive effect from this. There is none. Expect a gradual but emphatic improvement in memory, mood and awareness. Long endurance running and swimming is much easier, and if you exercise often, on celastrus seed i find it easy to exercise for much longer than i normally would. It likely synergizes with many things, too.

    I recommend this product plus the whole bacopa monnieri foliage that they sell here. I have tried this as well as the bacopa monnieri extract on powdercity, and i must say, the eternityinabox product is vastly superior in terms of the potency of its effects.

  13. Aaron

    Sorry, I want to make a few corrections to my review.

    “Not the effect they elicit is a profound state of focus and concentration, a relaxing stimulation, a sharpening of the contours of perception.” cancel the word not.

    The seeds themselves taste like spicy aspirin, not the seed oil. Sorry. I did not realize that this was the review page for the seed oil.

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