Chlorella Algae Powder *All Natural*


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Japanese Chlorella Powder

*Information on Chlorella coming soon! Listen below is information on Spirulina, a related and similarly beneficial algae. Chlorella is unique in that the protein content is much lower and the chlorophyll content is much higher, making it ideal for detoxification!*


Spirulina is an algae classified as a cyanobacteria, which means it uses photosynthesis to produce energy. Spirulina Algae is cultivated worldwide and was used as a traditional dietary staple to the Aztecs and other indigenous peoples.

It is becoming very popular now-a-days due to its complex and rich array of Vitamins, Nutrients and complete Proteins.

When considering Superfoods, Spirulina and other algae are quick to come to mind. Not only does this algae contain many healthy vitamins, but it is also a powerful source of Chlorophyll which is believed to help us in detoxifying our bodies.

One particularly cool point is that there have been many studies done to survey Toxicity from spirulina consumption…and no toxicity was found! This is a superfood which you cannot easily overuse. Ideal for daily use in capsules or smoothies and even to be added to foods.


Why you want to eat Eternity in a Box Spirulina instead of the rest…

Spirulina powder is healthy all around, regardless of the source. BUT, that being said, the location where the algae was harvested is a huge determining factor in the overall nutritional value. There isn’t enough science or literature on the topic, but our sources have assured us that Indian is the way to go! Hawaiian and other origin harvested Spirulina is often sold as B-Grade algae powder, whereas Indian variety is considered the most desirable.


Why Spirulina powder is super good for you…!

Where to start…?!

Spirulina powder contains a wide range of Vitamins such as Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, Vitamin C, D, E and K.

Mineral content is also superb, including Zinc, Potassium, Phosphorus, Manganese, Magnesium, Iron, Calcium and more.

Spirulina is one of (if not the #1) most Protein Rich food on the planet! Most people think of steaks and other meat as being the top muscle building food, but this isn’t truly the case. Meat products contain between 16-40% protein by weight, whereas our Spirulina Powder is 60-70% protein by weight!

Chlorophyll content is another important and valuable aspect of Spirulina algae.


What do I do with this powder…just eat it?
Our Spirulina algae powder can be consumed in a variety of different ways. The simplest would be to stir into water and drink, or to encapsulate the algae and consume as a supplement.

But don’t feel limited to these methods!

Spirulina is a great addition to healthy smoothies and/or protein shakes. This algae can also be used in a wide range of culinary preparations. It is common to find spirulina used in ‘Energy Bars’ found on the shelf, and you can use it similarly. Try blending up some nuts and dried fruits with some Spirulina! Just spread onto a cookie sheet and dry in the sun or a dehydrator for a Healthy Detoxifying Raw snack!

The addition of this algae is sure to increase the energy content of the food you’re preparing.

For Detoxification practices we recommend consuming a few grams in the morning stirred in water or your favorite smoothie.


Enjoy some Indian Spirulina Powder and let the Earth nourish you!


***These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. ***



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