Coltsfoot *Organic*


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Tussilago farfara, commonly referred to as Coltsfoot, is an herb native to Europe and Asia which has been used as a medicine for hundred of years.

The primary traditional application of this herb is in treating coughs and other breathing ailments, and I can attest that this herb was helpful to me when I was younger and experiencing asthma-type breathing difficulty.


In recent years there’s been a lot of controversy over Coltsfoot (as well as Comfrey and others), due to the scientific finding of potentially liver-damaging compounds within the herbs. We are no doctors or experts on the matter, but we do believe that like all herbs, this plant has a specific application and can be helpful if used in moderation and with respect.

Most commonly brewed into teas, either alone or with other herbs, but this herb can also be consumed to derive similar relief.

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