Copal Gum Resin *Wild Harvested*

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Copal is commonly used in conjunction with Myrrh & Frankincense as a sacred incense blend. Here’s some info about Myrrh:



Myrrh gum resin is the sap-blood drawn from trees in the Commiphora genus, our Myrrh is Wild Harvested in Somalia from trees of the species myrrha. It is extracted by cutting into the wood, past the bark and letting the sap bleed out to the surface. This gum resin has a rich traditional history of use as a ritual incense as well as a medicine when consumed.


Myrrh is said to help connect the Crown and Root chakras, which is relative to the connection of our physical bodies to our energetic being. This herb is considered a bridge between the Earth and the Heavens, its aroma as well as is physical effects when consumed are said to help us to realize this connection.


The use of Myrrh gum resin goes far back into the depths of our history. The Egyptians held this as sacred, and viewed it symbolically as the tears of Horus the Sun God. It was used in a variety of Egyptian rituals, including those to give thanks as well as in funeral rites and in their embalming process.

This herb is also considered sacred in traditional Christian and Muslim practices. The Bible makes specific mention of this herb as a gift which was brought to Jesus during his birth by the Wise Men.


The more esoteric use for these herbs is in magic rituals. The specific application of the herb in magic will vary from group to group but the reason why this herb is used is consistent throughout. The spirit of this plan helps in promoting meditative center, and allows the energy to flow through one’s system. This effect is naturally conducive to any intention culmination work or prayer.


Used internally Myrrh has been used to treat circulation issues, arthritis pains and even cancer.


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