Easy Light Charcoal Tablets


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These Charcoal Tablets come in rolls of 10 tablets each.

They are Extremely easy to light, just touch a flame to the edge and watch the coal ignite across its surface. Within a minute or so the coal will be hot enough to drop Gum Resin incense atop. There is an indentation in each charcoal tablet which serves as the perfect bowl to hold the resin as it melts!
You can even break the tablets in half if you will only be burning a small amount of resin, the only down-side of this is you lose the indentation.


This is a very effective and easy method to burn our Frankincense, Myrrh & Copal resins…or also try these coals with the Resin Powders we offer- Frankincense Resin Powder, Myrrh Resin Powder!


These coals are also perfect to experience our other Sacred Ritual Incenses such as White Sage,  Wormwood, Mugwort & Syrian Rue Seeds.


Just light the coal and drop your desired herb or resin into the middle to experience its divine aroma 🙂

Charcoal Rolls (10 tablets each)

1 Roll, 2 Rolls, 3 Rolls, 5 Rolls, 10 Rolls


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