Entada Rheedi Dream Beans *Organic*

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These dream beans are a very unique plant specimen! Great as a gift for anyone interested in spirituality or botany 🙂

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Entada Rheedii is a plant native to Africa, whose beans are distributed world-wide by the ocean. The seed pods will open up and drop the beans into the ocean. They can survive for years floating around before being deposited onto a shoreline.

The natives use these seeds as an oneirogen (dream enhancer). The traditional method of preparation is to mix the seed flesh with tobacco and smoke in a pipe, though the seeds were also consumed. Entada Rheedii beans are also considered to be a good luck charm, and a protection amulet.


Our Entada Rheedii Dream Beans are freshly harvested, organically grown and are stored in ideal conditions…We love these seeds, and always make sure to hold them with respect.

These seeds are very cool to handle, and are a great addition to any botanical collectors display. Also a great gift for anyone into energy mysticism, botany, or just some other cool person 🙂


Not intended for Human Consumption! We sell these dream beans to be carried as a protection amulet, to be meditated beside, or used as an incense.

6 reviews for Entada Rheedi Dream Beans *Organic*

  1. blackumbrella (verified owner)

    What a beautiful specimen!! I have waited years to have one of these! What a good omen!

  2. iluvu (verified owner)

    These are awesome! Great quality, so beautiful. I use them as a type of dream aid and filter. Sort of like a dream catcher I guess, but these are so much more. I find if I use my bean (on the nightstand) with my intent to remember dreams it takes less effort to recall vivid detail. Incredible! And their protective spirit quality has led me to gift them to several family members now too.

  3. Greg (verified owner)

    I purchased 2 beans, and just like anything else from this website, they arrived very quickly. They were of a good size and had a nice aroma to them. These are not my favorite dreaming herb, but they were of great quality, and as always they came with good service. Thanks! 🙂

  4. Alex (verified owner)

    What an awesome bean! Loved being around it, the feel and weight of them is hardy and sturdy. A bit tough to crack open but made it that much more satisfying. Strongly aided in my dreams, found myself becoming lucid and able to take charge of my dream. I still remember those dreams over a year later. A perfect gift idea for a friend or lived one, or for yourself as a treat. I keep one or two extras to give at birthdays for people and I always hear how much they enjoyed the Dream Bean as well.

    Thanks for the quick shipping EiaB, and for the excellent quality, as always!

  5. wes/ron

    I just revived my first dream bean and it came quick like always when ordering from eternity. I’m really happy to add this to my collection as it came in perfect condition very beautiful specimen. Cant wait to meditated with and experience the energy from this bean. Thanks again yall rock !! Much love -Wes H

  6. Timothy (verified owner)

    I ordered five seeds. I have carried several around, three of which have found themselves other carriers. After carrying one around for the day I had developed an appreciation for the bean’s aspect as a protective talisman. The second night I had an image of the bean flash in my mind’s eye just before going to sleep in my hammock. Though I haven’t remembered many dreams since, I have been having more active dreams (which benefit the astral body even if the physical self is unaware.) I intend on sprouting one of the remaining seeds and donating the potentially 300+ ft. vine to my favorite local restaurant, which hosts a large collection of houseplants.

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