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FRESH Chaga Mushroom w/Outer Bark *Wild Harvested*


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We are excited to now have available Fresh Chaga mushrooms, with intact outer bark! The outer bark is said to have particularly potent properties to support health. This Chaga is still wet and is ideal for tea brewing or it can be dried out 🙂


Inonotus obliquus, the Chaga Mushroom, is a parasitic fungus which grows on the side of Birch trees and can be found in cold northern hemisphere regions around the world. Northern USA, Canada, Northern Europe, Korea and Russia even.

This mushrooms has been used medicinally in Russia, Poland and China for centuries as a treatment for cancer, gastritis, ulcers and tuberculosis.


Most ‘mushrooms’ we see and know of are the Fruit of the fungus body, whereas the actual body itself is the mycelium structure which grows on the host medium. With Chaga however this is not the case…the part of the Chaga fungus which is utilized is the mycelial body. The fungus develops on the side a tree and after years it falls off.


This herb can be consumed straight, but is more effective when brewed into a tea or made into a tincture.

I encourage you to read more about the magical medicinal qualities of this plant! I have heard some very profound research done with this plant in treating diseases which normally are quite debilitating.


***These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. ***


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